Full Day Pre-K 4's Page

Welcome to 1/2 Day and Full Day Pre-K 4 with Ms. Gunther! I'm so excited to be with you this year as you continue to learn and grow. In preschool we work hard, though our form of work might look like play to everyone else. While we play, we are working on our social/ emotional development, language, math, science, social studies, and religion! Along with playing, we also spend time creating with paints, crayons, markers, paper, and glue. Playing is hard work in preschool! 


Valentine’s Day Cards..

We are officially able to have the children bring in Valentines to pass out to friends. No candy is allowed. If your child is making cards at home please don’t have them write their friends names, only their own. I will send out a letter tomorrow as well, as we just received the official okay. I apologize for the uncertainty, the cards should be brought in no later than Monday, February 8th so they can be quarantined in the room before distribution on Thursday, February 11th. 

Also, please note that Feb. 11th is a 1/2 day for all students & there is no school on Feb. 12th or on Monday, Feb. 15. 

Our Student of the Week is John. His favorite color is orange. When he grows up he wants to become a firefighter, so he can help people! Thank you John for telling us all about you!
Next week: Liam 

Progress Reports-

Today, the children received their progress reports as well as the information on their letter and number recognition. With your help at home and the work done in school, I have no doubt in my mind that your child will continue to improve and prepare for their kindergarten year! I look forward to seeing every child progress especially when we return from break. 

** Also, some of the 1/2 day children may have received the wrong progress report. Please send back the incorrect report, as there was an error made during distribution into the mailboxes and you will receive the correct one Thursday. We apologize for the mix up, and thank you for your understanding during this hectic but fun week! 

Virtual Learning PreK Letter

This letter is being sent home. We would appreciate it if you could fill it out and send it back so we can have an idea of who will be participating in the Zoom sessions in January. If you are unsure, please fill out the information anyways so I can send you the zoom link. The link will also be posted in Seesaw under announcements. I am posting the letter here incase the paper gets misplaced when it gets brought home. 
Thank you, 
Ms. Gunther
This week Haddie is our Student of the Week! When she grows up she wants to be a Unicorn and a Vet! Thank you for telling us about yourself Haddie!
Next Up: Jack 
Virtual Students of the Week:
Jan. 4th - John
Jan. 11th- Liam
Return to School: 
Jan. 19th- Mateo
Preparing for St.Nick! Friday, we left out our paper shoes in the hope that he stops by on Sunday, and we have a surprise on Monday. 
Emma is our Student of the Week this week! We know she has one older brother and and one older sister! We can't wait to learn more about Emma!
Lost and Found- This is a 4T Cat and Jack shirt that is going unclaimed. If this belongs to your child, please let me know.  Thank you!

PowerSchool Info Letter

Mrs. Carlson’s email today for registration on PowerSchool comes with a letter for each child. However, with PowerSchool doing maintenance on their website this weekend we thought it was best to send the letter home on Monday. Have a great weekend!


In the event we pivot to remote learning, one app we will be relaying on to provide daily activities will be Seesaw. 
During class I have already introduced the app to the students, and they are familiar with logging in, finding the assigned activities, as well as submitting their work. Some have caught on quicker than others, and I wish we had more time to get them all adjusted. With that being said, some will probably need some guidance getting started at home. 
All students will receive a QR code for easy login access at home. The paper will include directions on how to set it up.
Children will be able to do the daily assigned activities and submit them. If an activity isn't completed it will remain in their to do list. Each day new activities will be provided. The activities will be centered around the letter of the week, the math concept of the month, and gross motor videos to keep their bodies active while also focusing on letters or numbers.  
When your child submits their work, it will be posted to their seesaw journal, where they will only see their work. 
Helpful Seesaw information can be found in the link above as well as the packet that is being put together. 
As both the students and I are getting acquainted with this app, any login or  tech questions can be answered by Mrs. Callahan kcallahan@qasparish.org our Technology Resource Teacher. 

Caroline is our Student of the Week! She has two older brothers and a couple of pets at home (a snake, a turtle, and a couple of fish)! When Caroline grows up she wants to be a Princess! Thank you for telling us all about yourself. 
Next week: Ciara