Ms. Gunther's Pre-K 4's Page

Welcome to 1/2 Day and Full Day Pre-K 4 with Ms. Gunther! I'm so excited to be with you this year as you continue to learn and grow. In preschool we work hard, though our form of work might look like play to everyone else. While we play, we are working on our social/ emotional development, language, math, science, social studies, and religion! Along with playing, we also spend time creating with paints, crayons, markers, paper, and glue. Playing is hard work in preschool! 


Get ready for some FUN in the Sun at our

Classroom Beach Day

Tuesday, May 30th

Students are invited to wear hats and sunglasses and bring in a beach towel.

We will also eat our lunch picnic style (outside weather permitting) with our other pre-k 4 friends and our FAITH PARTNERS!

All half day students are invited to stay with us until 12:30. They should bring both a snack as usual, and a lunch! 

May 26th: Superhero Day!
Thank you to all the families who helped us reach our goal of 150 tickets and then some with a final total of 186!! We couldn't have done it without you, and we can't wait to have our Superhero Day! We will also take this day to celebrate our friends who have June/July/August birthdays. 
On Superhero day children are able to dress up in costume, wear a capes (any weapons or accessories other than a cape should be left at home). 
We will offer a variety of activities for the children to engage in, each focusing on a different Superhero ability. 
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you again for all your support for our wonderful school!
Class Code - MLN9X
Class Order Due Date -05/08/23
**Last order form for this school year.***

Dear Family,
With a $25 order, you can pick a FREE $5 Book (use code: READS).
Shop Our Class Page:
Shop Digital Flyers for Our Grade with Your Child:
Please share the Class Page link to extended family and friends. All orders also earn FREE Books for
our class.

Thank you for your support!
Ms. Gunther
UPDATE (as of 4/27):
We are only 8 tickets away from reaching our UPP Raffle Ticket Goal! If every family was able to sell just one more ticket, our class can have our Superhero Day. Please help us reach our last goal. We are also currently the only Prek class to have sold 142 tickets, helps us be the first PreK class to reach 150! 
Thank you so much for all the tickets that have been sold already! 

UPP Raffle Ticket Sales Update!

As of 3/23 we have sold 125, we are only 25 tickets shy of our 150 goal to have Superhero Day! As the children said "We are so close!"
Thank you for your continued support of Queen of All Saints School. 

Monday 3/20- Color Blast (each grade gets a color)

                    * chalk or coloring with faith partners 

                    - Preschool and Kindergarten- patterns (polka dots, stripes, etc.)

Tuesday 3/21- Adam Sandler/comfy clothes day (no hats)

Wednesday 3/22- Party in the USA (red, white, and blue)

                        * music in the lunchroom

                        * Wheel of Fun-Raiser for Pre-K only

                            - $2 per spin

                            - Money goes towards the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

                            - Prizes include out of uniform, candy, key chain and bracelets


Thursday 3/23- Country Vs. Country Club (Western Clothes Vs. Preppy Clothes)

                       * music in the lunchroom

                     * Wheel of Fun-Raiser (K-8)

                            - $2 per spin

                            - Money goes towards the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

                            - Prizes include out of uniform, candy, key chain and bracelets

Friday 3/24- No School

Spirit Week Change Up for Pre-K

Thursday's FUN-draiser has been moved to Wednesday to accommodate all Pre-K children. 
When they bring in $2 they will be given a chance to spin the wheel and collect a prize! The prizes will not include an out of uniform pass since they don't wear them. It will be bracelets, keychains or fruit snacks. Our class will be spinning the wheel at 10am on Wednesday! 
All clothing days stay the same, this is the only change up for this week!
Happy School Spirit Week!

UPP Raffle Ticket Sales Update-

As of 3/16 we have sold 120, we are only 30 tickets shy of our 150 goal to have Superhero Day! As the children said "We are so close!"
Thank you for your continued support of Queen of All Saints School. 

Bring your stuffie to school day was a success! 

Today, the updated totals were sent out and we have reached our next goal and surpassed it with a total of 118 now! We will have our "Movie Theater Day" in April. The date is currently tbd and since we have a pretty filled March at the moment, but I will post and send out a note when it will take place closer to the day. 

We are getting closer to that 150 goal and we can't do it without your help! Thank you for getting us closer every week! 

Today we celebrated reaching our 1st UPP raffle ticket sales reward! Popsicle Day! I did ask the children if they wanted to wait for warmer weather to enjoy them, but they all said "No!". Also, as an added surprise today, we went outside to the playground and met up with our faith partners and Mrs. Segreti's class.
Today, we also found out that we reached out next goal and surpassed it! Next Wednesday we will be celebrating "Bring Your Stuffie to School Day".
It was a fabulous Friday! 

Current total: 87
We need to get to 150 for Superhero Day! 

March Scholastic Book Order Due 3/10

If you have just recently placed an order, your shipment is on its way! 
Our class thanks you so very much for purchasing books, and in turn giving our class an opportunity to get more books for our own classroom library. 
Thank you again!
-Ms. Gunther
UPP Raffle Ticket Sales Update....
We have currently sold 45 tickets! We are so close to our first goal and only 105 away from our ultimate goal! 

Thank you for continuing to help and support our wonderful school! 

Spring Club Offerings for Pre-K

This spring there are a variety of clubs being offered for our group.
Here are the clubs and the days they will take place for our  pre-k children. 
On Mondays- Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Simons are leading the Get Moving Club
On Wednesdays- Myself (Ms. Gunther) and Mrs. Kuchuris (1st grade teacher) are leading Little Art Worms, where we read stories, and do a correlating project. (all supplies are provided).
On Thursdays- Ms. Palazzo is hosting Stickers R Us. 
Mrs. Herrera and Ms. Hennigan are leading Unicorns and Dinos. 
Please, take a look at the flyer for more information, or feel free to send me an email, if you have any questions or concerns. Both Get Moving and Little Art Worms will take place in our classroom, and will dismiss from our door as well. 
Ash Wednesday- Today we had a prayer service with Ms. Jenna, who then gave us our ashes and reminded us to repent and live the gospel as we begin our Lenten journey. 

* More pictures can be found under the media/ pictures page in the albums titled Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday.

UPP Raffle

**Taken from the Red Folder on the QAS website***
UPP 2023 Gala:  Save the date!  Join us Friday, May 12 at Chateau Ritz for an evening of dinner, dancing & our exciting live and silent auctions!
UPP Raffle:  Tickets available NOW!  The earlier you buy, the more chances you have to WIN!  See below for details!
UPP Auction: We're working hard to gather an exciting assortment of Live & Silent Auction items for the UPP 2023 Gala!  See below on how you can support this vital fundraising initiative.
**Our class currently has 14 tickets sold! It's a great start but we need to reach 150 tickets sold so our class can have the ultimate Superhero Day!
When ....
50 tickets are sold we will have a popsicle treat.
75 tickets are sold we will get to bring our Stuffies to school.
100 tickets are sold we will have a Movie Theater day (in class).
150 tickets are sold we will have the Ultimate Superhero Day! 
So, please help us reach our goals and SELL, SELL, SELL those raffle tickets! You're helping both our class and our school and we couldn't be more grateful!
Thank you!