Full Day Pre-K 4's Page

Welcome to Full Day Pre-K 4 with Ms. Gunther! I'm so excited to be with you this year as you continue to learn and grow. In preschool we work hard, though our form of work might look like play to everyone else. While we play, we are working on our social/ emotional development, language, math, science, social studies, and religion! Along with playing, we also spend time creating with paints, crayons, markers, paper, and glue. Playing is hard work in preschool! 


Activity for May 28th

Drive by the front of the Preschool Building, pop your trunk, and we put your child's belongings in the back. For one last Goodbye as the school year ends. 
Come between 9:30 & 11:15. Can't wait to see you all again in person!
If you would still like other activities posted.. take a look below. 
Theme: Numbers
Reading: read a counting book. After you read the book, count out loud as high as you can. 
Letters & Sounds: Write or line up letter cards to make the alphabet. Count how many letters are in the alphabet. 
Math: Make number towers on the number cards. Identify the number, count out the blocks, and build a tower on the card.
Fine Motor: Make bead number towers with play dough. Put play dough on the table and small stick pipe cleaners in it. Pick a number card, count out the beads, and place them on the pipe cleaner.
Art or Sensory: Number Collage! Cut numbers from junk mail/store ads and create a number collage. 
Gross Motor: Tape numbers to the floor randomly. Then Identify the numbers and do that many movements (hops, twists, kicks, etc.).

We’d like to take a moment and thank all of you for sending your children to QAS, and for sticking with us through these challenging times. We want your children to know how much we love and missed them. The pictures and zooms are wonderful, but we know it doesn’t take the place of being in the classroom surrounded by friends. The laughs and learning that took place while we were in school will never be forgotten. Tomorrow, we hope to see some of the smiling faces that we have missed so much! Again, if the children are able to join you in the car, we would love to see them, but also understand if they are at home. We hope the goodies with their memory books bring a smile to their faces. 
Thank You, 
Ms. Gunther 

Activities for May 27

Zoom at 10:30 for those who would like to join in for the LAST zoom gathering, to see our friends and smiling faces. Email me for login info, if you do not have it, before 10:15 please. 
Theme: The Savannah
Reading: Read a book with Savannah animals as the characters. What is the setting?
Letters & Sounds: Make a list of Savannah animals. Clap the number of syllables in each word. 
Math: Go on a number safari! Hide the number cards and find them. At the end match the cards. 
Fine Motor: Make a lion mask with a paper plate. Cut yellow and orange paper strips to go around it.
Art or Sensory: Draw your favorite Savannah animal using crayons, markers, or paint. 
Science: Build a Savannah habitat using blocks and animal figures. Use Popsicle sticks or yarn for grass. 

Activities for May 26th

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
This is our last week, so our last Zoom will be tomorrow at 10:30, same login information as before. If you need the information, just email me before 10 am tomorrow and I will send you the meeting login and password. 
Preschool Pick Up: Thursday 9:30-11:15, the times are posted in the Principal Post email from Mrs. Carlson. Yes, there is something for everyone to pick up. We have bagged up extra clothes, the children's memory books, and the end of the year gifts we have prepared for them. Also, if we had any medications in the classroom, they are also in the bag. Since this is a drive up, your children can be with you in the car, but they can't get out of the car. We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. 
Theme: Pirates
Reading: Read a book about pirates. Retell the events of the story. What happened first, middle, last? 
Letters & Sounds: Pirate begins with the letter P. Say the "p" sound and make a list of words that begin with P.
Math: Sort pirate treasure (aka real coins) by size. Which has the most/least?
Fine Motor: Make letters or shapes with pirate treasure (aka pennies).
Art or Sensory: Draw a pirate map. Use the back of a brown paper bag instead of paper. 
Stem: Build a pirate boat that can hold 10 pennies. Use foil and/or cardboard tubes. Test the boat in water. 
Anything you make today, show us tomorrow! Have a great day, and enjoy the weather outside!

All about Chase! Great job filling in the poster and telling us a little about yourself, like your favorite activities and how your friends are nice and smart! If you want to learn more about Chase check out his video in the post below. 

Chase’s Star Student Video

Thank you Chase for telling us all about yourself! You did a wonderful job!

Activities for May 21

Theme: Plants
Reading: Read a book about plants. Is it fiction or non-fiction? How do you know?
Letters & Sounds: Make a list of the parts of a plant (stem, leaf, flower). What is the first sound in each word?
Math: Collect leaves, petals, and stems/sticks. Sort the leaves various ways. Make shapes with the objects. 

Fine Motor: Collect leaves and petals. Use a hole punch to make holes in each one. Lace a piece of string through the holes. 

Art or Sensory: Paint With flowers. Put the flowers in paint and stamp them onto paper.
Science: Dissect a plant. Pull a weed. Point Out parts of a plant and what each part does.
Have Fun! 
Friday is Specials Day! Make sure to check out their blogs! 

Monday: -Memorial Day- no school. 
Wednesday- Last Zoom gathering. 
Thursday- Drive Up pick up in front of the Preschool Building. 

Activities for May 20th

Zoom: 10:30 for those who would like to join and show us something they made, have, etc. and tell us about it. Or simply say "Hi". Same log in as before, if you need it again please email me by 10. 
Theme: Camping
Reading: Read a book about camping or nature. Predict what the book is going to be about. 
Letters and Sounds: Play letter or sound Dot It. Use mini marshmallows to cover the spots. 
Math: Go on a rock hunt. Sort the rocks by size using the sorting board. Which has the most/least?
Fine Motor: Make a trail mix necklace. Lace circle cereal and mini pretzels on a string or pipe cleaner. Eat it when you are finished. 
Art or Sensory: Campfire art! Cut small strips of brown paper. Draw the fire or finger paint it with red, yellow, and orange. 
Stem: Put up a tent or fort outside (or inside). Camp, sing songs and have a picnic. 

Activities for May 19th

Zoom: Wednesday 10:30- 11 For anyone who would like to join, say hi, show us what you have made this week so far. Next Wednesday the 27th will be our last Zoom. 
Theme: The Beach
Reading: Read about about the beach or beach animals. 
Letters & Sounds: Pretend you are at the beach and lay on your beach towel. Play the clap and build syllables game.
Math: Find 5 ocean animal figures. Measure each animal with crayons. Line the Crayons up to make a ruler. Count how many long each animal is. 
Fine Motor: Draw beach waves on a piece of paper. Trace the lines with various shades of blue marker and crayon. 
Art or Sensory: Make a beach sensory tub. Place sand or kinetic sand in a plastic tub. Wet the sand and make sandcastles. Add seashells.
Science: Make a sensory bottle: look at packet for ideas. Simple ones just include a bottle, baby oil, water and food coloring. 

Activities for May 18th

Zoom on Wednesday 10:30
New Packet for this week and next has been posted in the post below this one, for those who would like to print it out, or just look at it on the computer. 
Theme: Weather
Reading: Read a book about weather. Pretend to read the book upside down and backwards. Have them show you how to do it. 
Letters & Sounds: "Cloud Writing" Place shaving cream in a tray or baking pan. Write letters with their finger.
Math: Number Dot It! Use clouds to cover the number board (aka cotton balls)
Fine Motor: Draw or fingerprint a rainbow.
Art or Sensory: Make a rain stick. Use a cardboard tube. Tape one end and place rice and sticks inside. Tape the other end and decorate with markers.
Science: Go or look outside to see what the weather is and graph it on your weather graph. Remember to do this every day. (Graph is in the packet.)

Activities for May 14th

Theme: At the Movies
Reading: Read a book with characters from your favorite movie or TV show. What was the problem and how did the characters solve it?
Letters & Sounds: Write letters on a piece of yellow paper and crumble up like popcorn. Take a piece and say the letter and sound. 
Math: Line up figures from your favorite movies or TV show. Sort them by size, color, etc)
Fine Motor: Make letters or numbers with your favorite movie candy or popcorn kernels. 
Art or Sensory: Draw your favorite movie or TV show character.
Science: Explore your five senses and make popcorn. How does it sound, smell, feel, look, and taste? How does it change.

Activities for May 13th

Zoom at 10:30- 11ish for those who want/are able to join. Show us something that you read/made from yesterday.  (Our last Zoom will be Wednesday, May 27th not June 3rd as school will officially be over for this year on Friday, May 29th.)  
Theme: Art
Reading: Read a book by a famous favorite illustrator like Eric Carle. How did he or she create the illustrations?
Letters and Sounds: Go outside and write letters with chalk. then paint with water and a brush. (It looks like today will be a great day to be outside.)
Math: Find 5-10 different drawing and painting tools. Line them up from short to tall. 
Fine Motor: Make Salt Dough, then paint it the next day. 
Art or Sensory: Make a pointillism painting. Use Q-Tips and make a painting. 
Music: Play music. Paint or draw to the tempo of the music. 
I've also added a new page to the blog called Ms. Gunther's Read-A-Loud. Where I have attempted to film myself reading both stories from the Bible as well as fun books. 

Joey sent in his Star Student - All About Joey poster! Awesome job on the writing and coloring Joey! He names a few of his favorite things, do you share some of the same interests as Joey? Take a look and find out! 

Sam's Star Student

Take a look at Sam telling us all about himself! From who he lives with, his birthday, and his favorite sport. Any guesses what he might be when he grows up? Listen and find out! Awesome Job Sam!