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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Queen of All Saints School is an integral part of Queen of All Saints Parish and embraces the parish mission to:

  • Be Committed to Christ

  • Share God’s Gifts

  • Build a Church Together

Queen of All Saints School provides a dynamic, Catholic environment where children experience the Gospel message, and faith and knowledge grow. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators, this mission is accomplished in a partnership with parents, clergy, faculty and staff, and the Faith Community of the parish.

School Philosophy

We believe that each child comes to Queen of All Saints School with unique and varied experiences that are valuable components of the learning process. Therefore, Queen of All Saints School is dedicated to fostering the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional development of each child.

The challenging academic curriculum is designed to nurture a child’s natural curiosity and to provide opportunities for the child to think critically, reason independently, and to solve problems creatively. Differentiated instruction and a variety of teaching methods strive to meet the needs of all learners.

Teachers, parents and administrators model and witness Gospel values to each child thus enabling children to make mature Christian decisions based on Gospel teachings.

Through fair, firm and consistent discipline based on Christian ideals, children learn responsible decision-making, self-respect and respect for others in order to continue Christ’s mission in our school, in our parish, and in the global community.

Our faith-centered atmosphere and commitment to the mission and ministry of Catholic education ensures opportunities to foster in children values that are for life.