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The Teacher Fund for Excellence was started in 2022 to support our teachers for their commitment to Catholic education. Under the direction of the pastor, principal, school council and finance council, the fund will provide annual supplemental income for our dedicated teachers. 

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors and last year’s fundraising success during UPP Raise the Paddle, our teachers received the inaugural fund disbursement at Thanksgiving. In addition, they will receive a retention bonus when they return to school in the fall of 2023. 

At the same time, a significant principal has been set aside to allow the fund to grow for the future. In order to provide an enduring, long term source of supplemental income for our teachers, that amount needs to grow over the next several years. 

All money raised during the UPP Raise the Paddle will be dedicated to the Teacher Fund for Excellence. The funds are held in a separate Queen of All Saints account, invested under the direction of the parish finance council in accordance with Archdiocesan policy. 

We anticipate ongoing annual payouts to our teachers done in parallel to growing the principal of the fund over the next few years. The ability to retain our outstanding teachers is strengthened by  the support of this fund from our generous parishioners and school families.


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