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Linking School to Home

Here are some helpful ways to help link your child's learning from our classroom to your home. 
  • Read at home and ask questions about what was read. 
  • Follow directions to accomplish a task.
  • Play rhyming word games, board games, puzzles, etc. 
  • Encourage gripping pencil correctly.
  • Cut with correct scissor hold- thumbs-up!
  • Review materials that are sent home and talk about their day. 
  • Practice phone number and address. 
  • Recognize shapes, colors, letters and numbers. 
  • Have play dates.
  • Provide concrete learning experiences within the community. Bring your child along to the post office, library, and on other errands. 
  • Cook with your child and encourage following directions, measurement, and of course enjoy the finished product!
  • Count to 100
  • Encourage using words to solve problems.