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Extra/Change of Clothes..Opps

I was just asked about the extra clothes, and in all honesty we were so caught up with our last few days, we completely forgot to send home the extra/change of clothes. 
So.... on Monday, when you drop off your child, we will give you their clothes. Any clothes not passed back before hand will be given at the end of the celebration when your child collects their certificate. 
We apologize for this Opps moment. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
-Ms. Gunther

End of the Year Pre-K Celebration

Dear Parents,

Great News! The end of the school year is almost here and we get to CELEBRATE together! Our last regularly scheduled day will be Friday, June 3rd. On Monday, June 6th we will celebrate our preschoolers in the gym!

Children are to arrive at 8:30 to their regular classroom doors on June 6th. Once the child is in the classroom, parents will proceed to the gym and find a seat in the bleachers.

 (Gym entrance located on Lemont Ave). 

The celebration will begin at 9:00.

What to look forward to: 

  • Opening by Mrs. Schultz
  • Parents prayer by Miss Talbott
  • Prayer
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • A couple of songs. 
  • Closing by Ms. Gunther
  • End Prayer
  • Meet Teachers by designated tables to receive their Preschool Certificates
  • Time to Socialize
    • Photo Opportunities with Teachers & Friends
    • Snacks 

Have a Great Summer!


Your Pre-K Team

Ms. Gunther         Mrs. Schultz

Miss Talbot            Mrs. Segreti


(Note sent home 5/25)

Superhero Day! Tues. May 31st

Dear Parents, 

In honor of the end of the school year and doing the best we could to reach our UPP raffle ticket goals, we will still be celebrating Superhero day! It will take place on Tuesday, May 31st. We will be honoring/ talking about the qualities and characteristics of a Superhero, including both fictional and non-fictional everyday heroes. 

The children may wear “Superhero” themed articles of clothing.

We will offer a variety of activities for the children to engage in, each focusing on a different “Superhero” ability. 

Thank you for helping us reach our goals!

Hoping to have a Super and Heroic Day!

-Ms. Gunther

(Note sent home 5/24)

Picnic Lunch with Faith Partners!

On Wednesday, June 1st we will be having a picnic lunch with our 5th grade Faith Partners as we meet one last time before our year ends. 
Lunch will take place at 11:35-12:15pm, and our 1/2 day friends are invited to stay with us and be picked up at noon. A note will be going home to confirm if your child can stay or not. Children should bring their lunches as usual, and 1/2 day can bring their lunches to school for the 1st time, if they are able to stay. 
We can't wait to see our Faith Partners and celebrate the end of the year with them!

Stations of the Cross

Here is the video of our Full Day group telling us the Stations of the Cross. Each one colored their own station.

Last week to sign up for Spring Clubs

This week is the last week to sign up your child for a Spring Club. Clubs will begin next week Monday. The sign up is in the Red Folder, and I had posted it a few posts back on the blog. If you have any questions about a club please don't hesitate to ask. 
-Ms. Gunther

Our Teddy Bear Picnic will be held on Thursday March 24th. Each child will be allowed to bring in 1 stuffed animal of their choosing. We will have a variety of activities to celebrate the day. 
We currently have 86 tickets sold and we need 100 to reach our next goal. Our top goal is reaching 150, so please help us reach our goals by selling those tickets. We really appreciate all that you do to help us. 
A big thank you from our class. 
UPP Raffle Ticket Update!
Last week we reached our 1st two goals by having 70 raffle tickets sold. 
This week we will have our popsicle day on Tuesday, March 1st, while celebrating Mardi Gras. This was for selling 25 tickets. 
Later in March we will have our Teddy Bear Picnic (more details to follow closer to the date) for selling 50 tickets. 
Our next goal is to have 100 tickets sold for our Movie Theater Day. 
The grand total of 150 tickets told will earn our class Superhero Day!
We can't say thank you enough for helping support our school through the UPP events. Please continue to sell your tickets to help us reach our end goal of 150 for our classroom!

Spring Clubs

Here is the flyer for the spring clubs if you wish to register your child. If your child is 1/2 day they are welcome to come back at 3:00 when we dismiss normally and we will take your child to club. 
There are 4 clubs being offered for PreK 4 to hopefully offer some variety.
I shared with you yesterday the two clubs that will take place in our classroom.
Please note the flyer doesn't have the clubs in weekday order. All club times are from 3:10-4:10 except for Tuesday which will take place at 2:10-3:10. The clubs run for 8 weeks with a pause for Easter Break.
This is a great opportunity for children to meet other children in the school, even in their own grade levels and we are so happy to be offering these to your children.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

After School Clubs for Pre-K 4 in Our Room

Mondays- Get Moving with Mrs. Doyle and Ms. Donna
Wednesdays- Little Art Worms with Ms. Gunther and Mrs. Kurchuris
Each week your Little Art Worm will discover a new story. Children will explore the book together then create a project related to the book. This club is a great way to increase reading and language arts skills, be creative and have fun!  Open to students in Preschool- 1st Grade.
Both of these clubs will take place in our classroom B203.
Pick up will be from our door. 

Dear Pre-K Families,

On 2/22/22, Pre-K plans to celebrate all things 2!

If your child would like to dress up for this day, here are some ideas of ways they can participate:

  • Wear a TuTu
  • Wear any TWO of their favorite things
  • Wear a PAIR of silly socks
  • Wear something with the number 2 on it
  • Grab a friend and dress up as TWINS

We are looking forward to having so much fun on our special TWOS-day! 

-The QAS Pre-K Team

What we are learning this week..

If you are at home due to quarantine, please work on the worksheets provided. They cover both the letter and number of the week, as well as the sight word and reader that we will be doing. On Monday, we will be meeting with our Faith Partners, while at home you could make a card for them. 
There is no virtual learning (no zoom).
Letter: Ss 
Sight Word: when
Making valentine's for our Faith Partners