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Going Home Today.....
Ice Cream Party Flyer-- please fill out and return by Friday. (5/31)
Beach Day Flyer (6/3)- students should bring a towel to sit on outside (not a rest blanket) and wear sunscreen- weather permitting.
Progress Reports..keep in mind Pre-K is the stepping stone to kindergarten and academics are great, but we want the social/emotional part the most. That being said, these kids are on their way to a great kindergarten year!
Going Home Thursday...
Memory Books- They are jam packed, they are heavy, the kids are excited to show you!
Going Home Friday...
Rest Blankets--Do not bring back on Monday 
Our gifts to the kids.
Going Home Monday...
Extra Clothes- we aren't taking any chances by sending them home sooner. 
Celebration Drop of is 8:30 at our door, this is not a full day of school, this is only the celebration. You are to take your child with you after they receive their certificate at the end of the show. 
If your child can not indulge, please let me know. We will have it on Friday, May 31st around 11am. I will provide all ingredients. The children agreed to individual vanilla ice cream cups (Deans Brand), Redi Whip whipped cream, Hershey's Chocolate syrup, and generic sprinkles.  I will let the children choose what they want on it, and what they don't. For it is truly for them, and only for our class. Thank you for supporting us during this UPP season!

Our Affirmations

Mrs. Goldson's kindergarten class came for a play date. Before they left we sang them our affirmation song.

Mystery Readers

Attention all parents! If you wish to be a Mystery Reader this school year, your time is running out! We have 2 this week and with our special days coming up through the next few weeks, you will want to book your day/time soon. We will be flexible with whatever day/time works best.  

Thursday, May 9th is Yellow Day!
Started by educator Adam Peterson in honor of Honor (a beloved coworker) who was known for spreading kindness and sunshine. This year we are joining this movement along with other schools around the country and a few countries around the world. 
What are we going to do? In the few days leading up to Thursday we are going to do various activities to help spread kindness to others. On Thursday, we are going to meet with our faith partners, say the Prayer of  Pope Francis together and then work on a project together to take home and give to someone else. 
The goal on Thursday is to create a world of yellow. If you know me, you know I will be all yellow. Mrs. Simons is going to be all yellow. If you have any yellow items that your child can wear please have them wear it on Thursday. We will take a group photo, and in the afternoon, we will take a whole school photo out on the playground. What a great way to come together and spread joy and kindness. 
For more information please check out Adam's Ted Talk. 
A huge thank you to all our families and friends who helped us reach our class goal of selling 150 tickets and even surpassing it! 
Superhero Day will take place on Friday, May 17th. Students may wear a costume if they choose, no accessories or fancy shoes please, as we will be testing our superhero agility. I have a variety of games, activities, and fun planned! This day is probably one of the best and I have no doubt this will be another one to remember. 
If you are virtus certified and are interested in joining in on the fun, I can have a few parents assist. This is by no means necessary and only if you are interested. Added plus if you also want to come dressed up. 
I have all games and prizes etc. taken care of, but sometimes more hands on deck equals more fun. 
Again, thank you everyone for helping us reach and surpass our goal! We certainly couldn't have done it without you! We are truly blessed. 
-Ms. Gunther
We got our most recent update and we are only 13 tickets away from reaching our goal of having Superhero Day!
**Movie Theater Day will take place on School Spirit Day April 19th!
Thank you for all your support!

The Last Supper

Mrs. Segreti's class and ours joined together for The Last Supper on Holy Thursday. Ms. Jenna and Ms. Erika put this all together for us. We participated in feet washing, and sharing a Seder meal together with all our friends. Thank you to Ms. Jenna, Ms. Erika, and Mrs. Carlson! We wish everyone a very Happy Easter!
This week we received the news that we reached our Movie Theater day goal! and surpassed it. We are currently in 2nd place in the whole school with having sold 118 tickets so far! Wow! Movie Theater day will take place in April with the date still currently TBD. Thank you for helping us reach our goals and also be the talk of the school along with the 2nd grade class that knocked us out of the 1st place spot. Now we only need 32 more tickets to reach our top goal, SUPERHERO DAY!

Easter Egg Hunt

On Friday, March 22nd we will have our Easter egg hunt. We ask that you please bring in 10 goodie filled Easter eggs (any edible treats must be peanut/tree nut free). 

Please have these eggs sent in by 3/21 (Thursday).


Thank you, 

Ms. Gunther

You got us our popsicle day, and now we are now 3 tickets away from earning our movie theater day! With your help we know we can continue to reach these goals. As of the latest update we are also still the top selling class of the school right now with 97 sold with the next closest being 91. 

Popsicle Day will take place this week on Leap Day! 
We are currently the top class in UPP raffle ticket sales with 43 already sold! Our class was jumping for joy when they heard the news that we are only 7 away from getting popsicles! But, they are even more excited that they are 107 away from Superhero Day! Thank you so much for supporting QAS and helping us reach our goals! (Updates will be posted when we get them.) 
UPP Raffle Ticket Sales! 

Please help our class reach our goals! Every raffle ticket sold gets us closer to Superhero Day! Our kids are ready to smile and help try to sell those tickets! I'll update the poster each week to reflect where we are as a class in sales. Thank you so much for helping support our school! 
On Monday, February 12th, the Preschoolers will be able to see the jar of Hershey Kisses and make their guess. It is $1 per guess, and the money goes to Misericordia.