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Preparing for Kindergarten

Here We Come!
Helpful Hints
Checklist for entering Kindergarten
  • Walk in classroom by him/herself
  • Able to put coat on/off by him/herself
    Dress themselves (snap, zip, tuck in shirt buckle belt)
  • Write first name
    Ability to write name, using capital only at the beginning, along with knowing the letters in their first name.
  • Identifies letters of the alphabet
    Both Upper and Lower (as many as they can)
  • Be able to say first and last name
  • Sit quietly and listen to a short story
  • Clean-up after themselves
  • Attends to bathroom needs independently
  • Follows directions
  • Able to use scissors
    Can cut a straight, wavy, curly line
  • Beginning to color in lines
  • Identify numbers 0-10 and rote count to 20
  • Identify colors and basic shapes
    (Circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
After talking with the Kindergarten teachers, these are the skills that will help your child start their Kindergarten year with success. We have been working on these skills already, and even more then those that are posted. But as we all know, learning doesn't just take place at school, it needs reinforcement and repetition at home as well. We are all in this together and want the best for your child.