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In-Person/ Virtual Mystery Reader Information

In-Person / Virtual Mystery Readers for the 2022-2023 school year. 
Parents, relatives and any other “special people” are invited  to surprise our class by being an In-person/ Virtual Mystery Reader in our classroom this year. 
Mystery Readers send five clues about themselves (vague to specific), but their true identities are not revealed until they walk into the classroom or their video/ live feed is played. I suggest bringing in a favorite book of your child's to read to the class.
How to Sign Up: Simply e-mail me with a few dates/times that work best for you, for either in-person or via Zoom, or a link to your pre-recorded video.
The exciting part is this opens up the door to relatives near and far, that might want to surprise their student. We look forward to this years In-Person / Virtual Mystery Readers. 
REMEMBER: This is a Mystery, please do not tell your child you will becoming in to be a Mystery Reader.