Welcome to physical education with Ms. Hermez and Mrs. Divane!

Here is a list of sports/ activities done throughout the year...
-Roller skating 
-Fitness testing (twice a year)
-Team building activities 
In class, students will attain various skills and cues in order to be successful in game like situations. Besides being guided to become physically active all throughout their life, students will learn valuable life skills as well (communication, leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution). Incorporating these skills in their activities can help them excel in and out of the gymnasium. 


You can use a picture or video to submit both assignments! Check power school for grade updates. 
Hang in there!
-SUBMIT TWO ASSIGNMENTS! (Don't have to be the ones from this blog)

Physical Activity Log

Grades: 6-8th
**Complete an activity log for one week and it will count for one out of the two assignments for PE. If you complete two weeks, then you'll have completed two assignments! 
Keep track of your activities using this physical activity log.
-Aim for 60 minutes a day
-Aim for 150 minutes of moderate (moderate amount of effort and noticeably accelerates the heart rate)  to vigorous (large amount of effort and causes great increase in heart rate and rapid breathing) physical activity a week  (hiking, dancing, brisk walking, running)
Pick your favorite fitness video!
Grades: 3rd-5th
Frisbee Tic Tac Toe!
Practice your throwing skills and challenge a sibling to a game of tic tac toe!

Specials Friday

Here are some guidelines for specials classes. In order to receive a grade, email us a picture or video of yourself doing any form of physical activity or exercise. 
***You need to submit two assignments! 
Video examples:
-shooting hoops
- explaining or demonstrating a certain skill (how to throw a football)
- obstacle course
- jumping rope
- etc..