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Photo Scavenger Hunt

This Photo Scavenger Hunt is a great option for older children with phones and freedom to explore their neighborhood.
Some of the items are a bit more abstract and may require some discussion prior to the hunt.
Students can send me their images in any creative way: they can group them into a collage, slide presentation, or a movie.
 Feel free to work with a partner!

Great You Tube Art Channels

Here are some great You Tube art channels to keep kids busy:
Art With Math & Dada: Art history cartoons
The Artful Parent: Arts & crafts how to
Babble Dabble Do: Arts & crafts how to
Art Hub For Kids: How to draw
Muffalo Potato: How to draw
Draw So Cute: How to draw
Bob Ross The Joy of Painting: Original paint along episodes
KQED Arts/KQED Art School: Art education and how to's 
An art mystery series to view on Youtube: Fake or Fortune (BBC)

Colour Scavenger Hunt

Very Cute No Mess Color Wheel Project!
Print the color wheel on white cardstock.  
Go outside and find natural items that match the colors on the wheel.  
Clip the items to the wheel with a paperclip or a clothes pin.
Welcome to Art!
This year in art, your child will be doing all sorts of amazing things!  We'll learn about the Elements and Principals of Art while using a variety of mediums.  Students will also learn about artists from around the world; as well art history periods, movements and styles.  Students will get messy and have fun while creating individual projects based on these areas.  Look for these to come home throughout the school year.
I believe that for students to be successful at school, we need to work as a team.  Please feel free   to contact me at any time with concerns or questions about your child's art education.  My hope is that your child will have the absolute best art class experience possible, gain new skills and have fun!