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Final Specials Friday!
Parents and students: TWO art activities are due today by 2pm
I would like to thank all of you for completing and submitting your projects- I loved seeing your faces and creative endeavors 
Please check PowerSchool first to confirm completion for
If there is a discrepancy, please contact me
Parents and Students-
A reminder: two art assignments are due by May 29!
For immediate confirmation, please go to PowerSchool.
PowerSchool will reflect a grade for QUARANTINE ART and HOME ART.
The easiest way to confirm your child has their
 two Art grades is to go to PowerSchool.
The grades are labeled HOME ART and QUARANTINE ART.
If you have questions, please let me know.
Parents and students-
Visit my LINKS for a list of 4O art museums around the world.
Most of these museums have virtual tours of their collections and sections dedicated exclusively to children. 
Perfect for a (yet another) rainy day.
It’s Specials Friday, y’all!
Parents and students:
QAS requires completion of 2 art activities
Students may choose art activities from my suggestions on the blog or create their own project
I updated grades.  Please make sure 2 assignments have been submitted.  If there is a discrepancy, please send me a message.
Overlapping Circles Watercolor Art
This project is easy and fun
You can use watercolor paint on canvas or watercolor paper
Or crayons/markers on paper
Take a round object (like a roll of making tape) and draw overlapping circles with a black sharpie
Paint or color each piece taking care not to place the same color next to each other
You can make it extra challenging by picking a warm or cool color pallette 

Art face 1

Art Faces
This is adorable!
Three printable semi-finished faces:
Cut out eyes, nose, mouth, lips, etc from a magazine and glue on.
Make it silly or realistic!
You could color the finished product as an option.
Welcome to Art!
This year in art, your child will be doing all sorts of amazing things!  We'll learn about the Elements and Principals of Art while using a variety of mediums.  Students will also learn about artists from around the world; as well art history periods, movements and styles.  Students will get messy and have fun while creating individual projects based on these areas.  Look for these to come home throughout the school year.
I believe that for students to be successful at school, we need to work as a team.  Please feel free   to contact me at any time with concerns or questions about your child's art education.  My hope is that your child will have the absolute best art class experience possible, gain new skills and have fun!