1st Grade- Room 16

Welcome to First Grade!
My name is Christine Lindgren. I am a first grade teacher. This is my 20th year teaching first grade here at Queen of all Saints and I am so blessed to be a part of this school family.
I am so excited to have your child in my class this year. I am looking forward to becoming partners in your child's education. I want to develop a relationship that includes openness, support and communication. I know we are going to have a great year full of growth and change for all of us along with a lot of fun. 



A Peek at OUR LAST WEEK! May 25-29

Happy Last Week of School!!!
This has been one crazy school year. We have been given a difficult situation and I believe we have done great considering the circumstances. 
I could not be prouder of all of the students (you too parents!) for taking this way of learning and doing the best we could. Even from a distance I have see so much progress and I have no doubt there will be great things ahead in second grade. 
So here we go for next week:
Reading for 30 minutes and math for 30 minutes a day. Anyway you want to do it is fine. 
Seesaw activities for 30 minutes. I put a bunch of fun stuff for the end of the year including a memory book. 
ABC Countdown- Letters R-Z
And That's it- DONE! Yea!!
Tuesday May 26- Item Pick Up Day
On Tuesday you can come get your child's things. Please refer to Mrs. Carlson's Principal Post for your time.
We are going to be sending home report cards for first grade on Tuesday. Other grades will be doing it another time. 
Please remember to bring back any classroom books or library books you have at home. I did find some library books at school when packing things up. If you can't find the book it might be at school. 
You DO NOT need to bring any work back. Everything the kids have been posting on Seesaw and doing on other websites has been more than enough to see how they are doing. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me during all this. I could not have done it without you!!
Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!
Mrs Lindgren

A Peek At Next Week - May 18-22

It's hard to believe that we have been doing this as long as we have. We have just two more weeks of e-learning. We can do this!
Here's what's up next week:
Writing- Fun end of the year stuff. 
Grammar- Review of nouns, verbs, adjectives
Word Work- Contractions
Reading- Raz Kids
Math- websites, work for 30 minutes
Religion- Miracles of Jesus
ABC Countdown- Letters M-Q
Next week I will be going into school one day to gather together the kids items and get them ready for pick up. Mrs. Carlson sent an email yesterday explaining how/when you can come get their things. 
There are some things I am going to need you to bring back when you come. If you have your Read Every Day bags with classroom books please return them. Also if you have your school library book that needs to be returned also. I do not need any work back. Everything you have been posting on Seesaw and doing on the websites has given me enough to do report cards. You do need to keep posting things through May 29th. 
If you do not want to pick up your child's things or can't pick them up I will still have them bagged and you can get them in the fall. If you don't want any of it I can toss it too if you want. Just let me know. 
This has been one interesting year for sure. I can't thank you all enough for being so supportive though all this. I hope I have made things as easy as possible for you. I know teaching your own kids is sometimes tough (mine have been no picnic on some days) but we did the best we could and all we can do is keep moving forward. Please let me know if there is anything you need in these last weeks. 
Have a good weekend. 
Take Care,
Mrs. Lindgren

A Peek at Next Week- May 11-15

I can’t believe how fast these weeks are flying by!
Here is a look at next week:
Writing- I’ll post a some more writing lessons on Seesaw.
Grammar- Homophones 
Word Work- Prefixes and Suffixes
Reading- I am not going to post assigned books anymore. There seems to be a lot of overlap between what I assign and the Level Up books. I get the same information from the completed Level Up books. Continue to work on those books so they can move up to the next level books.
Math- same as last week
Religion- Bible stories: Daniel and the Lions, Jonah and the Whale
ABC countdown- letters I-L 
Hope things are going well. Stay safe and healthy!
Mrs. Lindgren

A Peek at Next Week- May 4-8

Here is what's happening next week.
Writing- I will post some more writing lessons on informational writing. 
Word Work- oi, oy sound
Reading- Raz-Kids. I'm going to post new book assignments only for Mon/Wed. Tues/Thurs you can pick what you want. Remember you have to finish all the books in the Level Up to move to the next level. 
Math- We are done with the book so math from now on will be mostly review. 
Religion- Bible Stories
ABC Countdown- Letters E-H. I hope you are enjoying the fun activities for each letter. I found an ABC countdown activity for Seesaw. I will post a memory page for each letter you can do. I found it yesterday so I have already posted A-D for you to go back and do if you want. 
Hope you are all doing well. I miss the kids so much! Enjoy your weekend.
Take Care,
Mrs Lindgren

A Peek at Next Week April 27-May 1

Doing school this way is getting harder by the day and I'm sure you are feeling the same way. I know my own kids are resisting their e-learning work more and more and I'm sure you are seeing it too. 
Something that has really lifted my spirits are all the positive shout outs the kids are giving each other on our Seesaw blog . I love all the sweet messages being sent to one another. If you have not had the chance to look I recommend it. I am so proud of the kids, keep sending out those good thoughts!
Also keep an eye out for some "stickers" on your Seesaw work. Just another way to show students what an awesome job they are doing.
I think I'm going to lessen our work load in the coming weeks. There is a lot to be learned from spending time with family too. 
Math- We have just one math chapter left, Chapter 10. It is 4 lessons and then we are done. So for the rest of May we are going to have to do other things for math.
Reading- Raz-kids has been giving people all sorts of trouble. I don't know if it is because it is a free trial or just the amount of students using it now but it is not always cooperating. Only do a flight check if it is new, you only need to to it once. If you did an assignment and it says you didn't do it but you did you don't need to do it again. It will show as done to me. It seems like what I see doesn't always match the kids accounts. 
Science- We are done with the science book for the year. I will post a few more Matter activities this week and then that will be it. 
Religion- Bible stories
Writing- Nonfiction writing. I have some lessons for this that I'm going to try with the class over Zoom. I don't know how that will work but I guess we will try. I'm thinking smaller Zoom groups, 7 at a time, might work better than whole class. I'll send out a Remind with your meeting info. 
ABC Countdown- I'm going to start that on Monday instead of Wednesday. I will post a bunch of activities for the day, pick one or do them all. I hope this countdown will be a little fun for everyone. 
Take Care,
Mrs. Lindgren

Switching Up the E-learning Page

I am going to start posting the e-learning activities at the top of the page instead of the bottom. That way you won't need to scroll through a months worth of stuff to find the current day. The resources for the day will be put at the top also. 

REVISED A Peek at Next Week April 20-24

I guess I should have waited to hear the Governor's speech before posting this. I am so sad that our year together is ending the way it is. I feel very unsettled with the whole thing. I am going to try to make the last month of school as special as I can. Please reread, I changed some things based on our new situation. 
Hello again! Here we are. Back for another week of e-learning.
First I kind of want to give you a status of the class. 
-The subjects we definitely have to cover are almost done. We have been doing so well with getting done what we need to get done.
- I am very happy with everyone's progress. The work you have been turning is has really shown me that you are learning what you need to. I know it has been hard but what you are doing is great. I have no concerns about anyone not being where they need to be. Keep up the good work. 
There are a few things that I am going to try starting to help us get through the last weeks.
First, I am opening up the Seesaw blog. It will be password protected so only our class will have access to it. This will be an easier way to give shout outs to students for all the amazing things they are doing. I will get those passwords to you as soon as I have it all set up. 
Second I am going to be trying to post more video lessons on Seesaw. Students will be able to view the video when they can and it will be easier than trying to do a lesson over Zoom. There are many ways I can do this so please be patient as I try to find the best platform. 
Third, we are going to be finished with the math book in the next two weeks. I have to find other ways to assign math. I am looking into iXL or iReady, which our school will be using next year, to see if they are a good way to go. I will let you know. 
Lastly, every year I do an ABC countdown with my class to help us get through the last weeks of school. For every day we would do activities related to that letter. It will be a little bit different this year but I would still like to try doing it. It would start with A on April 29th. (Yes, that would mean there are only 26 days left!) More info to come. 
Here are the topics for next week:
Writing- we are going to do some fun writing and some Writers Workshop. 
Reading- Continue with Raz-Kids. Remember for the assessments I assign that they are three parts to it.
1. Students read the passage aloud so I can hear them reading.
2. Students retell the passage in their own words using as many details as they can.
3. Answer the quiz questions.
You only need to do the assessment once. Once I listen to it I will assign you a new one. 
Math- Fractions. We should be able to finish Chapter 9 this week. 
Science- Unit 9 Matter. There are only 5 lessons, complete them at your own pace. Try to finish it this week.
Social Studies- Earth Day activities
Religion- We are done with the book so we are going to be doing a variety of different topics. This week will be Prayers and the Rosary. 
As always do what you can. I'm here to help. 
Take care and stay healthy,
Mrs. Lindgren

A Peek at Next Week- April 13-17

Spring Break! Finally!!
We made it. It has not always been easy but I think we have done pretty good considering the circumstances we are given. 
I have been looking at Seesaw, ReadWorks, Raz-Kids,Splash Learn and XtraMath. I am so proud of all the work you have been doing. I can see that you have learned how to tell time, and can identify 2D shapes. I see and hear great stories with transition words, ellipses, good description of character and setting. I see all the things you have learned about outer space and the planets. I see lots of learning going on and I am so proud of all of you! 
Next week enjoy the time off, enjoy time with your family. All the websites will still be available to you so if you want to visit Raz-Kids or do some Xtramath you are more than welcome to. I will post a peek at next week at the end of break so you have an idea of where we are going next.
Have a blessed and happy Easter.
Take care and Stay Healthy!
Mrs. Lindgren

A Peek at Next Week- April 6-10

Hello to Week 4! I can't believe that we have been doing this e-learning for 3 weeks already. We have had some challenges but I think we are doing okay.
This is a short week with it being Holy Week. I will only be posting work for Monday-Wednesday. Mrs. Carlson has made Holy Thursday a day of retreat and reflection as we head into Easter and Spring Break. Enjoy the time with your family.
Since it is a short week we are going to take it easy with the e-learning. 
Spelling- No list for this week.
Reading- Continue to work on Raz-Kids. 
Writing- I have some fun Easter writing activities to do.
Math- Finish math lessons 5-7, 2D shapes and composite shapes. Continue to work on skills on Splash Learn. I have no more lessons to post for shapes but I'll post some others and you can always work on your own. 
Science/Social Studies- We are not going to do both. If you want to finish any of the Outer Space activities you can. I have a few fun things left for that to post. Then we are going to be working on continents, oceans, countries, and states. 
Religion- Holy Week and Easter
Please let me know of you need anything.
Have a wonderful Easter and Spring Break.
Take care and stay healthy!
Mrs. Lindgren

It was SO good to see so many of you today at the Teacher Parade! Seeing all your bright smiling faces made me very happy. I miss you all so much!

Thank you for your patience!

So our e-learning this week has gotten off to a rough start. From frozen zoom meetings to Seesaw being down to math book troubles, thank you for being patient with all the hiccups.
Here are some things that should help. (I hope!)
If you cannot access something for some reason (internet problems, down website, just pain frustration) I am not going to hold it against you. Everyone on the planet right now is using these things to help with school and work. Just do what you can and it will be enough. 
Raz-kids needs my username that I sent out this morning. I didn't realize that when I sent out the letters. I have been playing dual roles with these sites, student/teacher, so I can see what the kids see and I missed it. 
Some have been having trouble with the math book online. If you are in the student center there is a green ebook box near the upper right side. Click on that and it will take you to the online book. There you can find the pages and near the top there are tools you can use to write on the pages. Along the bottom there are other tools you can use too. I haven't figured out how to print those pages but if you click the yellow folder button near the bottom it will take you to other printable resources. When you click on the menus you can change the chapter and the lesson.
Some have been having trouble with the Splash Learn. Make sure when you sign in you click the class button NOT the home button. I checked the class code this morning and it was still working. 
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs Lindgren

New Learning Websites

Attached is the letter explaining the new websites we are going to use in the next weeks of e-learning. This one does not have your username/password. I will send each of you your own copy since every child has their own login. 
Please let me know if you have any questions.

A Peek at Next Week- March 30-April 3

Week 3 Here we come! Here is a peek at what we will be working on next week:
-Word Work: -ly, -ful endings, -oo- sound like in moon.
-Math: From what you have posted it looks like everyone is getting the hang of telling time. So we are going to start a new math chapter. Chapter 9 is 2D shapes and fractions. The goal will be to finish just the 2D shape lessons before Easter break. That would be lessons 1-7 (pages 625-680) in the math book online. If you can't access those lessons, I will continue to post other activities on the e-learning page. 
-Science: We are going to continue Unit 8 Sky and Planets.  You can read the chapter online but if you can't or have finished, I'll post plenty of activities on the e-learning page.
-Social Studies: We are going to continue to work on Chapter 6 Work in the Community. You can read the chapter online but again if you can't or have finished it I'll post some activities.
-Religion: We have finished our Religion book. Religion for the rest of the year will be covering a variety of topics. Next week it's Stations of the Cross. 
As the weeks pass we are going to be finishing a lot of our books. Religion is done and Chapter 6 in social studies is the last chapter There are only 2 math chapters left, 9 and 10, both of which are extremely easy.  
With that, I have been looking into some other online resources we can use. Raz-Kids and Headsprout both are free until the end of June so I'm working on setting up accounts. I am also looking into readtheory.org, whooosreading. org for reading, zearn.org and splashlearn.com for math. In order for me to keep track of progress I have to set up classrooms so I will get you student logins and passwords for the ones we are going to try.
We are going to try some more Zoom meetings next week but we are going to set up some rules so that everyone gets a chance to talk/share and maybe do some lessons together. I will post our new meeting rules when I finish figuring it out. I'm sorry we haven't done more. I have been having trouble controlling my migraines this week and Zoom meetings, although fun, don't help. I'm hoping to do more starting next week. 
Please check the e-learning page every day to find activities and resources. Continue to post work to Seesaw. I am missing my students very much and love looking at their journal entries, seeing pictures of them and hearing them read and answer questions. Remember I'm checking ReadWorks and Xtramath to see how you are doing also. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. May your family be safe and healthy. Hoping we will see each other soon.
Take Care,
Mrs. Lindgren

A Few Notes

Now that we have made it through 2 weeks of e-learning there are a few questions that keep coming up. I hope this will help some.
Trouble getting on Seesaw?
If you are still having trouble here are some things you can try:
-You have to have the Class Seesaw App. Students can't add things to their journal through your parent app. 
-The app has to be up to date or it might not work.
-If you need your at home learning code again I can send it too you.
-Try going to the actual website. You might be able to get it to work through there.
Trouble accessing Xtramath?
- If you are having trouble getting into xtramath try using my email. It has worked for other people.
Finished work?
Right now Seesaw is the only way I can see what you are working on. You DO NOT need to post everything, but please post a few things every day. Other things you can collect in a folder and hopefully you will get to share it with me. I am also checking different websites for things you are working on. Xtramath, Prodigy, ReadWorks, and Epic all let me see what and how you are doing. I am trying to get set up some other websites that will let me see your progress too. Hopefully I can get you those by next week. 
Thank you for everything you are doing at home. I really appreciate your support. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Take care and stay healthy!
Mrs. Lindgren

A Peek at Next Week- March 23-27

As we head into week two here are some things coming up:
- Check out Mrs. Carlson's principal post. We are going to do an e-learning spirit week! It should help us feel a little bit closer even though we are far apart.
-Word Work: Compound words and Long U letter patterns.
-Math: Moving on in our measurement chapter to Telling Time.
-Science: As we finish up Unit 2 that was sent home we are going on to the next chapter which is Unit 8 Sky and Planets.  You can read the chapter online but if you can't I'll post plenty of activities on the e-learning page.
-Social Studies: As we finish up Chapter 5 that was sent home we can move on to Chapter 6 Work in the Community. You can read the chapter online but again if you can't I'll post some activities.
-Religion: Work on Chapter 26 God's Creation.
Please check the e-learning page every day to find activities and resources. If you have not signed up for SeeSaw at Home please do that. That is the best way to share what you are doing. I am missing my students very much and love looking at their journal entries, seeing pictures of them and hearing them read and answer questions. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. May your family be safe and healthy. Hoping we will see each other soon.
Take Care,
Mrs. Lindgren