Junior High Grades » 7th Grade

7th Grade


7th Grade Math

Students will be able to:

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers
  • Work with variables and substitute values
  • Solve multi-step equations in one-variable
    • Apply equations in one variable to real-world situation
    • Graph inequalities and absolute value equations on a number line
  • Solve multi-step linear equations in two variables
    • Income, debt, speed, time, and other rates of change
    • Apply rates of change and proportions in linear equations
    • Graph linear equations using T-Tables, point-slope form, and slope-intercept form
    • Recognize the relationship between two variables in a given equation
    • Interpret graphs and determine the linear equations of a given graph
    • Apply linear equations to real-world situations, including:
  • Determine the area right triangles and special right triangles
  • Determine the area of various quadrilaterals and polygons
  • Compute the surface area and volume of a given 3-dimensional figure
  • Apply probability and statistics to real-world situations

Students will build comprehension and vocabulary through fiction and nonfiction text.  Students will question, compare/contrast, apply, analyze, evaluate text, and learn literary devices.  Students will learn how to compose thoughtful answers to questions.

Students will continue to study and build upon Grammar and Writing skills as learned in previous years. Topics covered will reinforce and strengthen abilities in both areas.

For Grammar, students will be able to comprehend and define different parts of speech, diagram and analyze sentences. They will use proper terms, parts of speech and punctuation correctly.

For Writing, students will demonstrate competencies in various writing categories such as persuasive, creative and compositions. We will work on editing skills to produce clear and effective writing.

Routine will vary but will include Daily Oral Language, spelling, in-class work, writing assignments, workbook and textbook assignments, quizzes and testing.

7th Grade students are familiar with SEPUP, the Science
Education for Public Understanding Program, an
engaging hands-on science courses through the book
“Issues and Earth Science” in their 6th Grade. This year
we will be studying from the book “Issues and Life Science” on Ecology, Cell Biology, Disease, Evolution
and Genetics.
A combination of laboratories, investigations, readings,
models, debates, role plays, and projects will help
students uncover the nature of science.
Students will have access to the online book and
Social Studies

7th grade begins with the Colonization of America and will go through American history up to the Civil War.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify and explain major themes of Social Studies throughout early American history.
  • Students will question, compare/contrast, apply, analyze, and evaluate evolution of early American society.

Students will demonstrate competency through readings, note taking, activities, and projects. Students have access to the online book and resources found on the QAS blog and Google Classroom.


Can Do Statements

  • To Communicate effectively in Spanish  (Novice-high  level)  in order to function in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes.
  • Interact with cultural competence and understanding

Technology resources:

-Google Classroom

-Duolingo (Due every Tuesday)

- Quizlet


-Class Dojo

Students will have Spanish class on days 1, 2 and 3.