7th and 8th Grade Science

7th Grade students are familiar with SEPUP, the Science Education for Public Understanding Program, an engaging hands-on science courses through the book “Issues and Earth Science” and 8th Grade students - through the books of "Issues and Physical Science", and "Issues and Life Science".  This year we will be studying from the book “Issues and Life Science”.
Students will explore how to study people and environment scientifically through Ecology, Cell Biology and Disease, Evolution and Genetics.
A combination of laboratories, investigations, readings,models, debates, role plays, and projects will help students uncover the nature of science.
Students have access to the online book and resources.




Dear Students,

  1. Please check your QAS emails, Powerschool grades, my Blog and Google Classroom daily.
  2. Complete all the missing assignments.
  3. Correct the assignments with 50% and less. (follow the comments and email me if you need more guidance).
  4. Do it ASAP.
  5. Stay Healthy

No Science Class on Fridays

Specials Friday

What? Fridays will be devoted to our Specialty classes: Spanish, STEM, Art, Music, P.E

When? 4-24; *; 5-8; 5-15; 5-22; 5-29   (please note that on 5-1 the teachers will have a professional                                                          development day and there will be NO e-learning that day)

How does this work? Students will not be assigned core-content e-learning on Specials Friday. INSTEAD, students will pick two Specials classes to focus on that day. They should visit the teacher’s blog page in order to complete activities provided there and follow the teacher’s directions for submitting the work, if applicable. The next “Specials Friday” they will choose different Specialty subjects so that they complete a range of activities. By May 29, they should have submitted two (or more) Specials activities for each subject.

Why? Queen of All Saints appreciates the whole child and offers specialty classes to promote Fine Arts, creativity, critical thinking, physical movement, etc. We want to provide time for our students to enjoy these offerings of our Specials teachers. Have fun and enjoy!

Should I only do Specials’ activities on Fridays now?  You are welcome to visit the teacher blog pages and work on Specials activities anytime. Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 should follow Mrs. Acevedo’s blog and complete activities throughout the week.

Can kids in the same family work on the same activities? YES! There are many activities that could be done cooperatively or simultaneously. For example, pick a P.E. activity that works for all kids and do it together. Or choose an art project that all kids could do; it might be fun to see how different family members create different versions of the same project.

Will students receive a grade for Specials classes on their report cards? YES. Teachers will continue with the same evaluation system, so please make sure you follow the teacher’s direction about submitting the work.

Once I’ve completed the two Specials activities, can I use this day to “catch-up” on core subjects?  YES