Fourth Grade

Homework for December 3, 2020
Social Studies pages 194-199, questions 1-6
English workbook page 38
November 30, 2020
Venture: Read pg. 4&5
English: WB 33
Writing: Write you Wishbone story in incursive on loose leaf paper.
Math pg 181-182
Vocab: pg 19-20
Reminders: Book Report Due December 1
Math Chapter 3 Test on Thursday
Absent on 11/30- this is what needs to be completed:  
Religion: pg 131-133
Social Studies: Chapter 5: read and go over vocab on pages 170-171
Science: Read page 128-132
Check-in with Ms. Duda about any math that needs to be completed
November 16-20
Religion test Tuesday ch 9
Science and SS test Tuesday ( open book)
English - Ch. 2 Test Thursday
Spelling- Test Wed. unit 6 week 2
Mystery Doug Science
Parents  if you go on to Mystery Science and sign in as a parents which is free there are more videos for this wee

Queen of All Saints
Dear Parents,

          Welcome back for another year of school. I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year. My name is Mrs. Janesku and I am your child’s fourth grade teacher. They will also be working with Ms. Duda for Math.
          Our class rules were set up and displayed on the first day of class. They will be posted in the front of the classroom so we can remember them. We have also established rewards and consequences that can be referred to as needed. Your support will be appreciated.
          The homework policy will be one which encourages responsibility and organizational skills. This year the students will have to take on a great deal of responsibility since we are working to get them ready for the upper grades. If an assignment is not completed on time, the student is still held responsible for completing the missed work during silent reading or homework time. Please be aware that until the assignment is turned it, an “M” will appear in placement for the grade on PowerSchool. Please also note that points will be taken off for late assignments. An email will be sent home if late assignments become more frequent. You can help by monitoring assignment notebooks daily. Please do not rely only on the homeroom blog. Together, we can keep everyone on track.
          I look forward to a great year here at Queen of All Saints. I will strive to create an environment that is challenging and fun. I also look forward to getting to know you and your child as the year progresses. Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions.

Mrs. Janesku


Friday Nov 6

Science - Unit 3 lesson 1 pg. 103-105 in book
Go into Epic type in national geographic plants and animals search. Watch three videos
1. Amazing Animals Hippos
2. Amazing Bottle nose Dolphins
3. Amazing Cheetah
Write three facts for each
Social Studies-
Take chapter 2 test turn in
Then go to Epic type in Government
Watch video inside the White House and  write three facts

Virtual Learning Information

Good Evening Students and Parents of Mrs. Janesku’s Class!


I wanted to provide some updates on how we will conduct our virtual learning in the coming days.


As of right now, the virtual learning will only be until November 12th. We do not have school on November 13th.


Daily participation on zoom will be mandatory and attendance will be taken daily.


All classwork will be turned into me upon returning to school. There will be no need to email me completed assignments. Please hold onto all your assignments and we will turn them in as a class when we return to school on November 16th.


We will meet on zoom each morning at 8:30.


Our class zoom ID will be: 869 208 6409

The password is: 552144


Please note, there is not a set start and stop time for this zoom meeting. You will be able to join anytime, but I will not be instructing class until 8:30.


We will meet back on zoom around 10am to discuss what we went over in the morning session.


Ms. Duda will be sending out a separate zoom link for her Math class. Math will be instructed at 1:20.


I will post all the classwork on the blog. Be sure to check the blog for updates. Classwork will be uploaded daily.

Students need to be proper uniform for school.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Mrs. Janesku

Phonics/Writing - Nov 6th

An act of kindness: Write a page on something nice that you did for someone, or on something nice that some did for you for no reason.

Please email daily your child work they completed and save all just to be on the safe side.