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Homework and Testing Information

We will begin a new Religion chapter each week. On Thursdays, Religion chapters are sent home as stapled packets. Students should study highlighted religious vocabulary words and other highlighted information. On Thursday night, students will need to complete the practice test page as a homework assignment. It is an excellent way to prepare for the in class test. This will be used as a Power School grade.
We will take our weekly Religion test on Fridays.
Students will take a spelling pretest at the beginning of each week. It will be graded and returned the same day, with the week's spelling list attached. Here is our weekly spelling homework:
-Write every word that is misspelled on the pretest three times.
-Write a good sentence for each word (all 16). Use one word per sentence.
Spelling corrections and sentences should be turned in every Thursday.  Spelling tests are usually given every Friday.
Students are asked to read 20-30 minutes daily. Some of the time should be spent reading out loud. 
Each week, we will read and listen to a variety of texts. There are many wonderful stories in our curriculum, and I am excited to share them with the students. Students will complete written and oral responses for each story. We will also learn new vocabulary words and practice various reading strategies. 
In addition to any assigned pages, students are asked to practice Math facts (flashcards, games, etc.) as needed. Math homework is typically assigned Monday through Thursday. 
Math quizzes and tests are announced in class and on the blog.