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First Grade - Room 15

Welcome to First Grade - Room 15!
My name is Stacey Kuchuris, I have been teaching at Queen of All Saints for 10 years.  My own children attended Queen of All Saints and I have a real passion for the vitality of the school.  I not only am blessed and honored to be a part of such a community; I know the foundation that this school can give to its students.
I firmly believe in communication between school and home is crucial to the social and emotional growth of a child.  I am here to encourage and give your child a sense of security in my classroom environment.  We are all kind and loving to one another in room 15.  Your child's needs and growth are my number one priority.
Academics are very important to me but the whole child's growth in a Christian based community is my number one goal as a first grade teacher.  I am looking forward to an AWESOME 2021-22 school year!