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The Queen of All Saints School curriculum is designed to foster the development and growth of the whole child-learner. The academic standards and curriculum are periodically reviewed and revised under the direction of the principal and the curriculum chairperson and respective committee for each discipline. Core curriculum includes: religion, mathematics, language arts (English grammar and composition, reading/literature, spelling/phonics/vocabulary), science; social studies. The enrichment curriculum includes art, STEM, music; physical education. Spanish is provided as an enrichment class from preschool through grade four, and in the core curriculum for grades 5 through 8.
DEPARTMENTAL AND SELF-CONTAINED CLASSES: First, second, and third grade children are taught in “self-contained” classrooms by homeroom teachers who teach children in all subjects except the enrichment classes. Fourth grade students experience departmentalization in mathematics, science and social studies. All other subjects are taught by the homeroom teacher. In fifth through eighth grades, the departmental system is in place for all subjects. These subjects include: religion, English language arts (grammar and composition) and (reading and literature), mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish. Religion is taught by the homeroom teacher.
RELIGION: Our developmental religion curriculum covers the four pillars of catechetical instruction: faith and belief; prayer, worship and liturgy; Scripture and traditions of the Church; and Catholic morality and values. Students experience daily religious instruction; daily all-school and classroom prayer; monthly all-school liturgies, and grade-level Masses; thematic observance of significant aspects of our Catholic faith; and, opportunities to reach out in service, and minister to those in need. Every student in the school has a “prayer buddy” and, at various times of the year, they will meet to work on a common activity to build a sense of community within the school. Sacramental preparation is coordinated through the parish director of religious education. Classes receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent, and pray the Stations of the Cross during Lent, including an experience of Living Stations of the Cross led by our eighth grade class.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: In the primary grades the elements of the English language arts (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) are integrated into a solid block of time where the classroom teacher strives to differentiate instruction to challenge each student for successful progress. In middle and upper grades, students focus on further developing reading, writing, and grammar skills in separate reading/literature, and grammar/composition classes. Learned skills are applied, reinforced and utilized in other subject areas.
MATHEMATICS: Beginning in Grade 7 math classes are grouped according to achievement, ability, and performance. Students will be placed in the highest group based on report card grading, standardized test scored in mathematics, and with progress in 6th grade mathematics. This highest group begins Algebra 1 in grade 7, and will complete Algebra 1 in grade 8. All other students will be in average level classes, which will cover pre-algebra in grade 7, and about two-thirds of the standard topics of Algebra 1 in grade 8. Class groupings may be adjusted at the end of the year, however, movement into the higher grouping may require additional outside course work to cover all topics covered by that group. Students with high ability and achievement may be invited to take an early morning “zero period” class, ordinarily honors Algebra 1, at one of our local Catholic high schools. This is available to students who qualify, at additional cost to the student, and with the student’s own transportation arrangements. Class scheduling and class groupings: In grades 7 and 8 departmental classes are grouped randomly, so that each member of the 7th and 8th grade class attends classes with every other member of the grade for one or more subjects.