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Science Fusion Vol 1 Pages 39 & 40

Science Fusion Vol 1 Pages 39 & 40 "How Do You Perform a Controlled Experiment"

Today in class students will be completing pages 39 & 40 in their Science fusion books.  The students will perform an experiment to see how different floor material affects the height at which a ball bounces.  This will be the students first controlled experiment. 
On Page 39...
You will need to set a purpose.  The purpose is what you are trying to learn from the experiment.  When writing your purpose begin with the statement "I will learn how..."
For think about the procedure you need to identify the variable in the experiment.  Remember that the variable is the condition in an experiment that can be changed.  In this experiment their is one variable that you will be using.  Think about what you are changing during the experiment and what will stay the same.  The one thing that you are changing during the experiment will be your tested variable.

On the record your data section you will test four different surface materials for your experiment.  The surface materials can be things such as hardwood floor, carpet, a notebook etc.  For the experiment the ball and the height that you dropped the ball from need to be the same throughout the entirety of the experiment.  Do not forget to do five trials on each material.  So if your first surface material is carpet you should drop your ball on carpet five times and record your data each time. Remember that the only thing that you change throughout the experiment is the surface material.  Do not change the ball of the height at which you drop the ball.  After you have done your five trails for each surface material you will need to find the average.  To find the average you will add all of your trails for one surface material together than divide by the amount of numbers you added together.  To find the average for the five trials you will divide by five
An example,
Surface Material       Trail 1     Trail 2     Trail 3     Trail 4     Trail 5     Average

Wooden Desk            10cm      15cm      8cm        12cm      10cm      11cm

To find the average I added 10 + 15 + 8 + 12 + 10 = 55
Then I divided 55 by 5 to get 11
This means that my average is 11

For recording data for each trail I would like you to use centimeters if possible.  All students may not have a meter stick at home.  If you are recording your data at home use whatever mearing tool you have available.  

For page 40 you will complete all of the questions.  If you have any questions regarding a particular question please feel free to email me.  
If you are not in school try to turn your assignment in within the week that you come back.


Science Fusion Page 36-38 in Google Classroom

Science Fusion Page 36-38

Students should complete pages 36-38 in your science fusion book if you did not complete it during class.  If you did not turn pages 36-38 in class please turn it in at the start of class on Tuesday September 7.  This work is a review of lesson 3 (Pages 23-35).


Science Fusion page 20

Science Fusion page 20 "How do scientists learn about the natural world"

If you did not complete page 20 in your science fusion book complete it for homework and turn it in at the start of class tomorrow.