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Root Beliefs

At Queen of All Saints the faculty and staff are led by our root beliefs which are:  
  • We are a Family In Christ
    • God made us not in isolation but for each other in community
    • Our purpose in life is to love one another as Jesus loved us
    • Relationships matter so we do everything to strengthen relations with others; students, parents faculty, staff, and the community 
    • We look out for one another and care for one another
  • We are Made in the Image and Likeness of God
    • We see one another in the presence of the Lord and the Love of Jesus Christ
    • We treat everyone with the dignity and respect.
    • As an educator we must assume that every child we teach comes to us wholly good and from God
  • All Children Will Succeed
    • We understand that students learn differently so we tailor our instruction to meet the needs of each individual student
    • We have high expectations for our students and support them to succeed. 
  • Excellence Happens on Purpose
    • We carefully plan instruction and make the most of every moment
    • We take action and follow our vision