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eLearning Pre-K - 4th ( Last week 05/25 to 05/29)

How should you turn in Spanish's assignments from Pre-K through 4th grade?

Pre-K through 3rd grade
Before the end of the school year:
1. You should send me two assignments by email.
2. All the topics are in the blog, you could do two topics and back it to me by email.
4th grade: You could send the assignments by email or by Google classroom;
Code: kaaca25

E-Learning 5th (05/11 and 05/15)

Topic: El reloj
Edpuzzle -¿Qué hora es?
Game and dance Friday!
Look at Google Classroom for more details.

E-learning 5th (week 04/27 to 05/01)

Look at Google classroom.
04/29 05/01
Edpuzzle Quiz
(Describing your personality)
Duolingo 50XP (20 mints)