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Feed my Starving Children

Our trip this Saturday, March 21st to FMSC has been cancelled.


While we are out of school, please check Google Classroom for daily assignments.
If for some reason you did not sign up for my classroom, below are the codes that will allow you to join.  Homerooms have different numbers.
Room 201       otnts3u
Room 204       che5ntd
Room 203 - All are signed up
Stay healthy, and I hope to see you soon!

Homework 3/12/2020

If not completed in class, finish the Greek urn drawing using colored pencil or crayons.  Do not use markers.
Continue reading The Shadow Thieves- book test is March 25th

Homework 3/11/2020

Students are free to finish the book The Shadow Thieves.  Remember to read the epilogue!  Final book test 3/25.

Homework 3/2/2020

The Shadow Thieves Part 2 (87-175) quiz tomorrow
Worksheet due today can be used as a study guide.  It was not collected.
"Raymond's Run " short story completed and character trait worksheet completed.

Homework 2/24/2020

Complete King Midas essay- How and Why did King Midas change as a King?
The Shadow Thieves Part 2 review questions due Monday, March 2nd
The Shadow Thieves quiz 3/3

The Shadow Thieves Part 2

Complete part 2 of The Shadow Thieves for a quiz on 3/3.  Along with this section there will be a short comprehension review due 2/2.

Homework 2/18/2020

Write a paragraph using the new opening sentences we worked on in class.  Use the new opening to introduce your idea, then write down evidence from the text to support your idea.  Remember to not only state what you believe but to include why the evidence is important.
Example- The man is suspicious because he is hiding behind the tree so no one will see him.
Continued assignment-
Students need to complete section 1 of The Shadow Thieves pg. 84 for the quiz on Friday.

February 13, 2020

Reading assignment - The Shadow Thieves part One is due for a quiz on Friday, February 21st.  Students will have one in school reading day which will be 2/14.  Part one ends on page 84.