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8th Grade ELA

Welcome to grade 8 ELA!  It is an honor to teach your child and advance their learning in reading, writing and grammar.  I have my undergraduate and masters degree in early childhood education with an emphasis on special needs.  Along with special needs, my course work focused on reading and writing methodology. I am married and have five children: the oldest graduated from Bucknell University and works for Nielsen in Chicago; my first son is a junior at Loyola Maryland and studying business; my second son started his freshman year at Butler University; my second daughter is a junior at Loyola Academy; and my third son is a freshman at Loyola Academy. Also, I have a golden doodle named Casey.
I am excited to teach English, reading, and writing in a 90 minute block.  During the block, students will have 20 minutes for independent reading each day.  They are required to have an independent book every day. On designated writing and grammar days (Tuesday and Thursday), the students will learn to revise and edit their work with a writing partner and me.  They will also use their independent book and own text to learn grammar skills. The designated reading days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  During this block, the students will learn literary devices, understand how to question text, find text evidence, and write responses to the readings.  The goals are to have the students interpret, infer, synthesize, evaluate and respond to text thoughtfully.  The 90 minute workshop will be a busy place with designated time for a break from learning!



No More Assignments!

Congratulations!  You made it with e learning.  Now the push is completing all unfinished work. All late work needs to be in as soon as possible.  Next week I will be finalizing grades and work that isn't completed will be reflected in your grade.  
Thanks for checking google classroom, email, and power school.

AoW Assignment

If you haven’t shared your article with an assigned classmate (I sent an email with this information a few weeks ago) you need to today.  Not sharing your article will cause you to receive a 50% grade on this assignment. If your partner does not share the article with you, let me know when I grade it in google classroom so I can adjust your grade to exempt.

Week of 18 May

You have two assignments this week:  
1.  Quick write that is on google classroom.  It must be at least one page in length.
2.  Video yourself with a thank you, well wishes, etc. for the Facebook page.  We are hoping for 100% participation.  Mrs. Acevedo can also video your goodbye when you graduate.  You can use your quick write as a guide for what to say.
Wrap up- this is the week to complete all missing work.  
If you didn't turn in the parent tribute by the 3:00 pm deadline last Friday, it was not considered for reading.  It will not get extra credit.  Also, those who did turn in a tribute, thank you.  Thank you to Olivia for a beautiful tribute! She will be reading it at the graduation taping.
Check your grades.  Email me if you have any questions.  I will not be answering emails today as I will be at school cleaning the room and putting your items from your locker and desks into a bag for you to collect next week.
Remember:  this is the last week to complete all missing work. 
Thanks for finishing strong.  I have really enjoyed reading your responses to the quick writes and "TKAM" questions. 
I look forward to seeing you this week at graduation! 

Monday, May 11

I posted two assignments for TKAM.  They are on google classroom and to be submitted together.  For the next two weeks, finish the book and answer the questions.
I posted the AR book assignment on google classroom.  This does not have to be an AR book and it can be a book you already read.  
Look for a quick write and a few more No Red Ink assignments to be added.  Quick write will be in google classroom.  No Red Ink is assigned in the online program.  
Thank you.

Assignments checklist

Hi All,
I know how difficult it can be to find assignments, stay on top of your work, etc. so hopefully this post will help you with organization.
1.  Check blog daily.
2.  Check google classroom for assignments daily.
3.  Check no red ink online grammar program for posted assignments.
4.  Check grades on power school.  If you see a M and 50% grade, it means your assignment was not turned in when I graded it.  I will eventually grade it,but I focus on grading assignments turned in on time.
5.  Check gmail daily.
6.  Email me! If you have questions about grades or anything, please reach out. You are not bothering me!
7.  Check religion google classroom.  

Religion Assignments Room 202

Hi All,
I have religion assignments posted in the room 202 religion google classroom.  I added the code on one of my blogs prior to Easter. I understand that the information gets lost, so to make the learning easier, the code is:
So far, I have three assignments posted.  Please complete them for a completion grade.  You will have approximately 3 more weekly religion assignments from me for the rest of the school year.
Please email me if you have any questions.

Class of 2020 t-shirts

If you didn't receive your t-shirt or sweatshirt, I have them at my house.  You can pick them up between 1:00-5:00 pm today.  Payment is needed- cash or checks payable to QAS. I do not have change if paying in cash.
You can show up unannounced or email me to let me know when you are coming. I will keep with the social distancing and put the order on a table; you can leave the payment in a box on the table.  I did receive the rest of the order so for those of you who already paid and didn't receive the hoodie, please stop by.
My address:  6141 N. Knox

Specials Friday- 24 April 20

 Specials Friday

What? Fridays will be devoted to our Specialty classes: Spanish, STEM, Art, Music, P.E, Resource

When? 4-24; *; 5-8; 5-15; 5-22; 5-29   (please note that on 5-1 the teachers will have a professional  development day and there will be NO e-learning that day)

How does this work? Students will not be assigned core-content e-learning on Specials Friday. INSTEAD, students will pick two Specials classes to focus on that day. They should visit the teacher’s blog page in order to complete activities provided there and follow the teacher’s directions for submitting the work, if applicable. The next “Specials Friday” they will choose different Specialty subjects so that they complete a range of activities. By May 29, they should have submitted two (or more) Specials activities for each subject.

Why? Queen of All Saints appreciates the whole child and offers specialty classes to promote Fine Arts, creativity, critical thinking, physical movement, etc. We want to provide time for our students to enjoy these offerings of our Specials teachers. Have fun and enjoy!

Should I only do Specials’ activities on Fridays now?  You are welcome to visit the teacher blog pages and work on Specials activities anytime. Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 should follow Mrs. Acevedo’s blog and complete activities throughout the week.

Can kids in the same family work on the same activities? YES! There are many activities that could be done cooperatively or simultaneously. For example, pick a P.E. activity that works for all kids and do it together. Or choose an art project that all kids could do; it might be fun to see how different family members create different versions of the same project.

Will students receive a grade for Specials classes on their report cards? YES. Teachers will continue with the same evaluation system, so please make sure you follow the teacher’s direction about submitting the work.

Once I’ve completed the two Specials activities, can I use this day to “catch-up” on core subjects?  YES

ELA "TKAM" assignments

All "TKAM" assignments that are due on April 3 are now due on April 8 (no April fool joke here- I'm serious!).  Since Mrs. Carlson wants April 3 to be a break from core classes, you do not need to turn in "TKAM" assignments by April 3.  The quick write and No Red Ink are still due on Thursday, April 2.
If you already turned in the "TKAM" assignments, you can go back and check them.  If what you turned in is your final assignment, please let me know on google classroom- message me- and I will grade it.
Since AR is due on April 9 and we won't be in school to take the test, I will assign an outcome for your AR book today.  It will also be due next week.
Check google classroom for the assignment.
Thanks for the hard work!
Mrs. Carroll

Room 202 Religion Assignments

Religion assignments:
Read the daily gospel (link is below) and complete a lectio divina- divine reading.  Read the gospel once, second time choose a word from the gospel, write it at the top of the paper, reread the gospel and focus on that word.  Reflect on the word in a five sentence minimum reflection.  Complete this on loose leaf or type, one lectio divina per page. I will collect this when school resumes.
For example:
March 16 2020
Reflect on the word accepted as it is used in the gospel or how you feel when you hear/read the word accepted.  What does this mean to you as a Catholic? Has there been a time when you haven't been accepted or accepted someone?
Five sentence minimum reflection.
Five points per reflection.  Complete one per day based on each day's gospel reading.

Class of 2020 t-shirts are in!

If you know what you ordered, you can bring in cash or check payable to QAS, and you will receive your apparel.
T-shirt $11
Crew  $15
Hoodie $20

E-Learning information

In the event of a school cancellation, please complete the following assignments:
1. read 20 pages in your independent reading book
2. type a one page summary of your reading
3. work on no red ink (online grammar) for 20 minutes
Please email me if you have any questions: