7th Grade Homeroom 102 and 7th Grade English Language Arts

Welcome to 7th Grade Homeroom 102 and 7th grade English Language Arts! This is my 7th year here at Queen of All Saints. I am excited to be focusing on the 7th-grade students this year. I believe we will make great strides this year in reading, writing, grammar, and Religion. If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me! The best way is through email - mdaugherty@qasparish.org



ELA - 7th Grade

Mrs. Daugherty


Students will continue to study and build upon previously learned skills working alone, in pairs and as groups to reinforce and strengthen abilities. 

Writing: Students will demonstrate writing competencies in free writing, narrative, informative and essays. There will be a focus on details and editing skills to produce clear and effective writing.

Reading: Students will build comprehension and vocabulary through fiction and nonfiction text.  Students will question, compare/contrast, apply, analyze, evaluate

text, and learn literary devices.  Students will learn how to compose thoughtful answers to questions.

Grammar: Students will understand grammar, syntax, semantics through mentor text and apply learned concepts to their own writing.

Routine: will vary but will include Daily Oral Language, vocabulary/spelling, in-class reading and writing, longer assignments, quizzes and tests.

Religion - 7th Grade studies closely the Life of Christ in our ‘Finding God, Following Jesus’ textbook series. Students read about and discuss how Christ’s life and teachings have relevance in our lives today. Students work on projects and service projects relating to what they can accomplish as 7th-grade students to be better Catholics and people. Students learn how Catholicism is more than just a theological position, it is a way of life. The goal is for students to live a more Christ-like life and have a relationship with God and the Church. Additional resources are also used.