Grade 4

Ms. Duda's Tests for Week 11/29-12/3




Thursday-words test

Friday-  religion chapter 11 and reading test


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back for another year of school. I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year. My name is Ms. Duda and I am your child’s fourth grade teacher. Students will be introduced to the use of chrome books in school and the use of technology through the use of Google Classroom, IXL, Epic, Freckle, Spelling City, XtraMath,, and many other educational learning sites utilized in different subjects.

Our class rules were set up together and are posted in the class for all the students to see. Being that this year we will be following strict Archdiocese guidelines in working to keep the children extra safe, I ask your assistance in reminding the children to wear their masks properly, sanitize their hands often, maintain social distance, and very importantly, follow teacher rules and directions. Sadly, this year will take on a new look and the students, parents and teachers must all work together to make the school year as educational and beneficial as possible.

The homework policy will be one which encourages responsibility and organizational skills. Students will have to take on a great deal of responsibility since we are working to get them ready for the upper grades. Since backpack buddies are not an option this year, the major responsibility must fall on the child to review that all assignments are written and down and taken home. If an assignment is not completed on time, I will send home an email informing you of the missing work. Students must then complete the work and return it to school the next day. You can help by monitoring assignment notebooks daily. Please do not rely only on the homeroom blog. Together, we can keep everyone on track. I look forward to a great year here at Queen of All Saints. I will strive to create an environment that is challenging, and fun. I also look forward to getting to know you and your child as the year progresses. 

Finally, there are a few new points to bring up to make your child’s school year more productive. Due to the new Archdiocese regulations, students are not able to share various items without risk of concern.  I ask that you send your child with two large size water bottles: one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Students will also require a beach towel or yoga mat to sit on when we venture outside for a cool breeze. Individual hand sanitizer bottles are fine for them to keep in their desks as long as they are used properly. I also ask that if your child comes to school with an individual hand sanitizer to keep in the desk, that it not be scented. I am very allergic to many floral and fragrant smells. Students are also not allowed to bring in any nut products, such as, peanut butter, hazelnut products and trail mix with nuts. Please be mindful of ingredients when you put your child's lunch together. Since we are also eating together in the classroom each day, I encourage you send your child's lunch in recyclable containers to minimize trash that will be sitting in the hot classrooms all day. Examples of this might be putting sandwiches in containers instead of plastic bags, chips in Tupperware instead of chip bags, and so on. In previous years we worked to make Tuesdays "Trash Free Tuesdays" in the whole school. I think this is a way for the students to help out. Lastly, students will also require personal headphones or earbuds to use in music and various other subjects. Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions.

         Although this year will be different from what we are all used to, I know that in working together we can all strive to make this a year of growth, understanding, and fun.


Ms. Duda