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Ms. Carbone

Welcome to room 9.  My name is Linda Carbone.  I am very excited to be working with your child. Second grade is an amazing year filled with an enormous amount of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. This year we will be preparing your child to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Eucharist. I look forward to a great year!




Dear Students and Parents,
I walked out my front door today and much to my surprise there was a beautiful poster on my front lawn beautifully decorated by Alana.  As I turned to the right on the bench on my porch an adorable plant, box (with delicious cookies), and a beautiful card with a generous gift card in it.  I want to thank all of you for making this week very special.  I received a beautiful video from all of you.  
Again...... Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! 

Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

Dear Children and Parents,
Thank you for the beautiful card and flowers I received today in honor of Aunt Dolly.  She was a very special person to me and my family.  I am sure you can relate to these beautiful people who come into our lives and touch us very deeply.  Words can not express my gratitude.
Ms. Carbone

E-Learning Completed Assignments

Please paper clip all finished work for each day and label it by the assigned date.  Do not send it by email or electronically.  

Kleenex Tissues Needed in Room 9

The cold and flu season is upon us.  Room nine has three boxes of tissues left. We would appreciate any donations.
Thank you!😉