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Kindergarten Class - Room 1

Welcome to Room1, with Mrs. O'Byrne and Mrs. Hanley. We are excited to be your child's teacher this year. Please check out the "posts" to the right to see what we are learning each week and to see other news from Room 1. Click on the calendar to see Gym days and other pertinent dates for our classroom.


May 22, 2020 News

Friday, May 22nd our theme for Zoom (10:30 a.m.) will be a celebration of our summer birthdays and of the birthdays we missed by not being in school.
Remember, the kids can wear fun, summer clothes! Accessories are welcome like sunglasses, birthday hats or crowns. Kids can enjoy their snack while the Birthday kids each have a few minutes to have "Show & Tell" time.
Then Mrs. Hanley will challenge the kids to a drawing! They will need 3 pieces of paper and a pencil. We also have a little game! Hope you can join us!
NEXT WEEK, MAY 25 - 29
May 25, Monday- No (virtual) school in honor of Memorial Day!
May 26, Tuesday- Fun end of the year activities will be posted on Seesaw.
May 27, Wednesday- Virtual Kindergarten Celebration at 1 p.m.
May 28, Thursday- Fun end of the year activities will be posted on Seesaw.
May 29, Friday- End of E-learning. I will not host a Zoom meeting due to Pick - Up Belongings Day.
*END OF YEAR PICK UP- Please read Mrs. Carlson's Principal post from May 14th, a schedule has been devised for you to come to school & pick up your child's belongings. Kindergarten pick up is May 29th. Please refer back to Mrs. Carlson's post for details and time.
* A  SPECIAL THANK YOU- Parents, Thank you for all your support, patience, and most of all your time helping your child with E-Learning. They succeeded and completed the Kindergarten curriculum and are ready for 1st Grade! 
*  A SPECIAL THANK YOU- Mrs. Keaton, Thank you for offering to do our SHUTTERFLY BOOKS this year! I can't wait to see it! I know the kids will enjoy seeing photos of their classmates!
* A SPECIAL THANK YOU- Mrs. Hanley, Thank you for being such a wonderful, caring Aide. Not only did you help out in the classroom, teach Math, do Art projects with the kids, but you took on other responsibilities as well. One being putting together; for each child, the KINDERGARTEN MEMORY BINDER! This will contain photos & work/projects that your child completed throughout the school year. 
* A SPECIAL THANK YOU- Volunteers, Thank you for helping in the classroom, on the playground, on our field trip. in the office, etc. etc. etc.
*A SPECIAL THANK YOU- My Students! Thank you girls and boys for working so hard this year especially when we couldn't be in our classroom! YOU ARE AMAZING CHILDREN! You are also ready for First Grade! Best wishes and have a wonderful summer! Make sure you you visit me in Room 1 next year.

May 15, 2020 E-Learning News

Happy Friday! Parents, thank you for texting or E mailing the video of your child saying their favorite  Kindergarten memory to Mrs. Fritz. If you did not, please submit it today. Thank you.
. As we approach the end of Kindergarten, some of the Seesaw activities will be for testing purposes. The activity title will contain the word Test, so you know. The Kindergarten teachers are asking that you do not help your child with these activities, aside from reading the directions, if need be. 
 Looking ahead into next week, please complete the Seesaw activities posted for the day first, then; if you need to go back and do some of the other activities that is fine and will not keep me from accessing your child. Does your child need to do each and every Test-YES. I will go over this in our Zoom meeting on Friday at 10:30 a.m.
In the meantime, here is a look at what to practice. Writing first and last name,
Identifying the Kindergarten sight words, Identifying rhyming words, Identifying the 3-D Shapes (cone, sphere, cube, and cylinder). Sounding out short vowel words., Writing a sentence (must have a Capital letter beginning and a period to end).An example : I like my cat. 
These are the skills we have practiced throughout the year, and I am confident the children will do fine! I will go over this in our Zoom meeting tomorrow!
See you on Friday!

May 8, 2020 E- Learning News

Happy Friday!  Mrs. Hanley and I want to thank our class for their thoughtful and sweet messages for Teacher Appreciation week. It was heartfelt and a wonderful surprise! We are so lucky to have your child in our class. Truly, thank you!
RELIGION- Chapter 26, We Celebrate That Jesus Is Our Friend. The children should complete their workbook pages on seesaw. Also, they should continue to practice the Hail Mary prayer. The assessment for this prayer is on seesaw.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- The story this week is This Is The Way We Go To School by Edith Baer. There is a link on seesaw . The target skill is to Draw Conclusions. This is when we listen to a story, and look at the pictures,  we use
what we know & what we hear and see to make up our minds a bout what is happening in the story.
SIGHT WORDS- Review (come, where). The practice activities should be completed on seesaw.
PHONICS- Connect /y/ to Yy as in yarn.
                   Connect /kw/ to Qq as in queen.
The children should complete the activities on seesaw.
HANDWRITING- Practice writing Yy and Qq.
MATH- Continue with the Math Workbook pages for Chapter 10, Position. These will be posted on seesaw. Some of the assignments have multiple pages, you can advance the pages using the arrows.
THEME- Planets & Space. There will be activities posted on seesaw.
*Friday, May 8th the video project is due to Mrs. Fritz. See my e-mail from 4/27.
*Friday, May 8th the E-Learning pictures are due to Mrs. Keaton.
* Zoom meeting, Friday, May 8th at 10:30 a.m.  Danny will be our Star Student!
** Mrs. Hanley wants to do something special with the kids tomorrow on Zoom! They will need a pencil and a nice & plain piece of paper.
Wishing all the moms a Happy Mother's Day! You deserve a special day!
Blessings to all.

May 1, 2020 E-learning News

Here we are in May! It is wonderful to see my class participate on the Zoom sessions on Friday at 10:30 A.M. Again, our purpose is to wrap up the week with a mini- meeting, have Star Student time (Clare- 5/1), and introduce the curriculum skills for the following week.
RELIGION- May is the month that we honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus. One way we show our love for Mary is by praying to her. The children were taught the Hail Mary prayer back in January. I would like them to practice each day the Hail Mary. There will be a link on seesaw.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- The story this week is On The Move  (seesaw).
The target skill is Main Idea- What the story is all about? After the story, the children should reflect on: How do people in different parts of the world travel?
PHONICS- Connect /v/ to Vv and /z/ to Zz. The children should complete the activities posted on seesaw.
Sight Words- The new words to learn are (where, come). The children should complete the activities on seesaw.
WRITERS WORKSHOP- We will be learning about butterflies next week. The children can write a sentence about a butterfly and draw a picture. If your child would like to show the class his/her finished project, save this activity for our "Class Share" on Zoom May 8th. 
MATH- We will begin Chapter 10, Position. The children will complete their Math workbook pages on seesaw. Students should gain spatial awareness and the position of objects in their environment. I will go over the vocabulary to describe positions of objects in space during our Zoom session.
*KINDERGARTEN CLASS PROJECT: Please see my e-mail from 4/27 for directions. Your recording / video should be e-mailed or texted to Mrs. Fritz -  by May 8th.
*SHUTTERFLY YEAR BOOK: As I mentioned in the Zoom meeting last week, we need to complete the last pages of our year book with pictures of your child E-Learning. Please send the pictures to Mrs. Keaton-
who is graciously putting together the year book for Room 1. The teachers have to order the books by the middle of May, so please get your photos to Mrs. Keaton A.S.A.P.
May 4 - 7: Students should continue with E- Learning by working on the activities posted on seesaw.
May 8: Zoom session at 10:30 a.m. Danny is our Star Student!  Also, Kids are asked to explore their Specials Classes on Fridays. Lastly, Due date for Kindergarten Class Project.
May 10: Happy Mother's Day! Blessings to All

April 24, 2020 E-Learning News

It was great to Welcome Room 1 back to school with a Zoom session after Easter break! I will continue to host Zoom meetings on Fridays at 10:30 with the purpose of a "mini-meeting", introducing the next week lessons, and having our Star Student time.
RELIGION- The children will concentrate on saying the sign of the cross and the prayers that they learned in Class. They should also complete the activity on seesaw about how Jesus cared for others.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- The story this week is THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD by Watty Piper. The story is on seesaw followed by an activity. The children can think about something that they kept trying and trying to do. 
The target skill is plot; Which is what happened in the beginning, the middle and the end of the story.
PHONICS- Connect /v/ to Vv. & Review short vowel u.  The children should complete the activities posted on seesaw.
SIGHT WORDS- Review and practice (what, said, was). The children can complete the sight word practice on seesaw. 
WRITERS WORKSHOP- The children can complete the writing activities posted on seesaw. 
MATH- We will continue to practice lessons from Ch. 9, To Classify Objects.
The math workbook pages will be posted on seesaw.
Please read Mrs. Carlson's 4/23 principals post for updates and other school news.
* Specials Friday- After our Zoom meeting, the children can devote the rest of the e-learning time to their Specials. The information is on my Blog cover page under Specials Friday.

April 17, 2020 E-Learning Continues

Welcome back! Under the circumstances, I hope all of you had a Happy Easter and a relaxing break. Over my break, I worked on learning and practicing Zoom. With the help of many people, I am happy to say that I would like to welcome Room 1 back to school with a Zoom session on Monday, April 20th at 10:30 AM. I will send you an E-mail on Sunday with the link. Please bare with me - Let's see how it goes!
RELIGION- Chapter 22, We belong to the Church. The children know that they belong to the Queen of All Saints parish, and at Baptism they became a member of the church. If you have a picture of your child's Baptism, you can talk about it with him/her. Also, we will celebrate signs of new life. I will ask the children at our Zoom session, what they did on Easter and to name a symbol of new life.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- The story this week is Messenger, Messenger by Robert Burleigh (You Tube). The target skill is Compare and Contrast. This week the children can work on rhyme. There are many activities on  Also, the children should revisit Dr. Seuss books. 
PHONICS- Connect /u/ to Uu. 
Activities: 1. Find things around the house that have a short vowel u sound as in the word up. 2. On paper, write rhyme words for up. 3. Words to sound out (bun, club, drum, fun, hug, tub).
SIGHT WORDS- The new words to learn are (what, said, was).
WRITERS WORKSHOP- Write sentences using the above sight words.
Another activity is to make a book of short vowel U things.
MATH- Classify Objects. The children should be able to identify objects that are alike and objects that are different. Activities: 1. Read the Button Box (You Tube) by Margarett S. Reid. Afterwards, find several buttons that are the same shape, size, or color. 2. For Earth Day, (Tues, April 22nd) Look in the recycle bin, find things that are alike and that are different. Classify by size (large things, small things). 3. Tell how several toys or stuffed animals are alike/different.
EARTH DAY ACTIVITY Tuesday, April 22
Try to make something out of a recycled container. Some examples: make a pencil holder out of a soup can, or make a storage box for your crayons out of a shoe box.  We can do a Zoom session to show your classmates what you created! 


We just completed the 3rd week of at home learning. Parents, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, patience, and time as you assist your child with their school work. These are truly trying times. Again, thank you!
When I check your child's work on seesaw, I am so proud of his/her development of skills. 
In regards to the faculty car parade, I didn't expect it to be so emotional! The smiling kids and parents waving and cheering all lined up on the streets and in their cars was amazing! The inspirational signs of love, and gratitude was uplifting. I am proud and so grateful to be a teacher at QAS with such a wonderful school community! Thank you!
Next week the kindergarten children will not begin a new unit in Religion, Reading, or Math. Instead, they should review skills we have already learned. For example, writing first and last name neatly and correctly, writing all the capital and lower case letters Aa-Zz., writing the color words, practicing their sight words, practicing reading a story. These are some of  the final skills the children will need to know for their end of the year report card in June. 
SEESAW Lessons will be posted only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Spring break begins on Thursday with a day of reflection and preparation for Easter. There will be no lessons posted from April 9th through April 17th. Lessons will begin again on Monday, April 20th.
Also, check these for fun, free, high quality reading material for kids.
Another spring themed activity, is to take a walk and find signs of spring. You can draw pictures or write a sentence about the things you find. Also, Mrs. Hanley and I would like the kids to draw their April self - portrait. They can use regular paper to draw themselves. The children have been doing this each month so they will know what to do. Please save this activity and bring it back to school when we return. 

March 27, 2020 E-Learning Continues

Here we are in the third week of at home learning. Hope you are all staying well. As Mrs. Carlson stated in her March 26th principal post, we do not have information when we will be back at school. So, to keep your child up on the curriculum, here are the skills/topics for your child to practice this coming week
RELIGION- The children can complete their Stations of the Cross Booklets. They should be colored neatly. The booklets should be read and discussed.
For additional activities, check out
READING/ LANGUAGE ARTS- Story this week is MAY DAY! MAY DAY! A coast Guard Rescue by Chris L. Demarest. The story can be found on seesaw or U-Tube. The target skill is Cause & Effect. After the story, the children should be able to say what happened (the rescue) and why it happened (the message). There are other books by Chris L. Demarest your child can listen to and enjoy on line.(
*  FireFighters A to Z
*  I Invited a Dragon To Dinner
*  Rex at Swan Lake
SIGHT WORDS- Color Words
WRITERS WORKSHOP- Continue to practice writing sentences (begin with a capital and end with a .
PHONICS- Connect /Ks/ to Xx
ACTIVITIES: 1. Find things around the house that end with X. 2. Cut pictures out of magazines that end with X. Glue on paper, & label. 3. Practice writing Xx. 4. Additional activities on seesaw and  5. words to sound out (box, fix, ox, Rex, six).
MATH- Chapter 12, Three-Dimensional Shapes
This week in Math, the children will learn to identify by name the following 3-D shapes ( cylinder, sphere, cube, cone). Also, they will learn to identify solid shapes in the real world ( a soccer ball is a sphere).
ACTIVITIES: 1. Listen to and watch on ( 3D Shape Song/ Shapes For Kids/ The Singing Walrus. 2. Play Guess the Shape Game by Learningmole on U-Tube. 3. Look around the house or outside for the 3-D shapes. Keep a journal. 4. Complete the activities on seesaw
*COLLECTING WORK-  Children should keep the Math and Reading Workbook pages in there folder to bring back to school. 
The other activities like drawing a picture that begins with a certain letter can be stapled together to make a letter/sound book. Put any activity in the folder, your child would like to share with the class. I am able to access children's work on seesaw as well. 
* Again, if you have any questions or concerns, send an e-mail or a Remind message. We will get through this! Stay positive and Stay well!


Hope you are all doing well. Mrs. Hanley and I miss the kids! Also, we want to keep your child up on the Kindergarten curriculum, since we do not know how long this may continue.  That being said; each Friday, I will post on my blog the skills/topics for your child to practice. 
RELIGION- Children should continue to practice saying the sign of the cross, and praying The Lord's Prayer & Hail Mary. To continue our school Lenten theme "90 for "90, Room 1 children sat quietly for 90 seconds after prayers to reflect on good deeds, being kind, and helping each other. Continue doing this each day if you choose. Also, continue with the Stations Of The Cross Booklets.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- Story "Max Takes the Train" is on U-Tube. The target skill is Realism and Fantasy. For the week, read or let your child listen to stories ( on line. Children should be able to say if the story is real or make believe, & why. Children should be able to draw pictures of real and fantasy things.
PHONICS- Connect /j/ to Jj.  &  Connect /w/ to Ww.
ACTIVITIES: 1). find things around the house that begin with j and w.  2). cut pictures out of magazines that begin with j & w. Glue on paper and label to make a book. 3). draw pictures of things that begin with j/w. 4). additional activities on( ) 5). Words to sound out (jet, job, Jill, win, when, won).
SIGHT WORDS- yellow, Blue, Green
WRITERS WORKSHOP- Write sentences using the above sight words.
MATH- Measurement
Children can measure things around the house using paper clips or blocks.
They can identify long & short, heavy & light, wide & narrow, tall & short.
Continue to use the websites I have included in "Learning at Home Tips" on my Blog. Parents, thank you for your support, I know we are all in this together. Again, if you have any questions or concerns please send me a remind or an e-mail. We will get through this! Stay Well.

MARCH 13, 2020 NEWS

WRITERS WORKSHOP- The children focused on "making writing easy to read". This includes using capitals, periods, and spaces between words.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS-  The story this week was If I Could Go To Antarctica by Fay Robinson. The target skill was classify and categorize. The sight words to learn are (go, from, here).
PHONICS- Short vowel e
MATH- Ch. 7, Compose & Decompose Numbers 11-19.
THEME- Leprechauns
Monday, March 16- Gym Day
Tuesday, March 17- Gym Day. Kids can be out of uniform if they wear green. Have them wear gym shoes. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Thursday, March 19- Art in Action Day
*Report cards will be sent home on Friday, March 13th. Please sign the cover and return the cover. You keep the report.
*UPP Raffle- Reminder To sell/buy tickets. 

MARCH 6, 2020 NEWS

WRITERS WORKSHOP- The children continue to practice adding on to their stories.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- This week we enjoyed reading all the Dr. Seuss books the children brought in!
PHONICS- The children learned about rhyme and word families.
MATH- We completed Ch. 6, Subtraction
HANDWRITING- First and last names, Aa-Zz, Numbers 1-30
THEME- Dr. Seuss
Monday, March 9- Gym Day
Friday, March 13- Report Cards go home. Please sigh the cover and return just the cover. Keep the report.
* UPP raffle tickets- Please turn them in in a timely manner.
* March can still be chilly outside. Have your child wear a a jacket that will keep him/her warm enough at recess time. 


RELIGION- The children learned that Ash Wednesday begins Lent. Lent is a special time of prayer and loving God and others.
WRITERS WORKSHOP- The children practiced writing telling sentences.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- The story this week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Valeri Gorbachev. The target skill was Character. The sight words to review are (one, two, three, four, five).
PHONICS- Connect /g/ to Gg as in girl.
MATH- Subtraction
THEME- Dental Health Month
This week we are celebrating Spirit week! 
Monday, March 2- Dr. Seuss Day/ Character Day. Kids can dress as their favorite character. Examples: princess, super hero. Remember to bring in your favorite Dr. Seuss book.
Tuesday, March 3- Jersey Day! Kids wear a shirt to support their favorite sports team.
Wednesday, March 4- Decades Day! Choose to dress up as a decade (50's, 60's, etc.)
Thursday, March 5- QAS Spirit wear! Gym Day. Kid will need gym shoes for gym day.
Friday, March 6- No School!
Please check the on-line red folder for QAS school and parish news.
* UPP 2020 RAFFLE- Early Bird Drawing This Friday!
* The 2nd Trimester ends on March 6. Testing for report cards will begin soon. Things to practice at home: Unit 1-4 sight words, subtraction, identifying consonant blends, sounding out words with short vowel sounds: (CVC) words. Also, writing first and last name, Capital and lower case alphabet, and numbers to 30.  REPORT CARDS go home on March 13th.


RELIGION- We continue to learn about Jesus' life as well as introducing Lent.
WRITERS WORKSHOP- The children wrote stories using number words in their sentences.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- The story this week was One Little Mouse by Dori Charonas. The target skill was sequence of a story. The new sight words are the number words (one, two, three, four, five).
PHONICS- Consonant blends were introduced such as (pr, bl, cr, st). Also ending consonant blends -lk, milk;   -nd, band;    -mp, bump.
MATH- Subtraction
HANDWRITING- Number words
THEME- Presidents
Tuesday, Feb. 25- Mardi Gras Day/ Fat Tuesday. Kids can be out of uniform if they wear green, purple, gold/yellow.
Wednesday, Feb. 26- Ash Wednesday, Mass at 2:00.  Gym Day- Kids should be in full uniform for church. They can wear their gym shoes.
Thursday, Feb.27- Gym Day
LENT- Our school and parish are using the theme "90 for 90" which commemorates the 90th anniversary of our parish. During this holy season of Lent, Room 1 will participate in a classroom challenge of entering QAS each morning in silence. After morning announcements, we will remain in silence for 90 seconds. In this quiet time the children will pray and think of ways to be kind to each other.


RELIGION- We completed Ch. 19, Jesus Wants Us To Love
WRITERS WORKSHOP- The children wrote sentences about Abraham Lincoln.
READING/LANGUAGE ARTS- The story was My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza. The target skill was cause and effect. The sight words to review (that, are, do).
PHONICS-Connect /l/ to Ll.
MATH- Review Addition and Numbers 1-30.
THEME- Valentines Day!
Monday, Feb. 17- No School, Presidents Day
Tuesday, Feb. 18- Gym Day
Wednesday, Feb. 19- Gym Day