5th Grade ELA

Welcome back!  A few of the things coming up in ELA are:
- Students will be working on persuasive essays.
- The book I am reading to the students is The BFG, by Roald Dahl
-  We will also be reading the biography Passage to Freedom as a class.
-  In grammar, we will continue our unit on sentences and sentence structure.
My name is Ann Lauritson, and this is my sixth year teaching at Queen of All Saints.  I am look forward to teaching 5th grade ELA.  ELA is a 90 minute class that includes grammar, writing and reading.  The consistent, ongoing homework assignment for my students, will be to read 10 pages daily, including weekends.  I also begin my class every day, by reading to the students.  This month's book is titled The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of 5th Grade.



Room 101 Religion Reminder

There will be daily religion assignments for students in Room 101.  Those will also be assigned through Google Classroom.  Please remember to check our religion class on Google Classroom, too.  Thank you!  Have a good day!

E Learning - Week of March 23-27

Beginning tomorrow, all E Learning assignments will be done through Google Classroom.  I will have daily assignments posted by 8:30, so students can begin working whenever they would like to.  All students have been sent their login info for IXL as well as their invitations to join Google Classroom.  Reminder emails went out today to the handful that still have not accepted the Google Classroom invitations.
Thank you for your support during this very challenging time for all of us. 

Google Classroom for Religion

Room 101 students will have a separate page on Google Classroom for religion assignments.  Please be sure to accept that invitation to join, as well as the one for ELA.  Thank you!  Miss you, and hope to see you soon!  Stay well! :)

Reminder Regarding E Learning Next Week

Starting Monday, I am going to be using Google Classroom, as well as the IXL program. All 5th graders have been emailed their login info for IXL, as well as an invitation to join Google Classroom.  Please be sure you have the login info, and that you have accepted the invitation.  Invitations for Google Classroom have also gone out to every student's guardian, as well.  If you have not received a guardian invitation yet, it is because your child needs to accept their invitation first.
Please do not do any work on IXL until Monday.  Thanks so much for your support and cooperation during these challenging times!

E Learning

This is a reminder that the E Learning for this past week was titled March 16-20.  The other E Learning link only has two day's worth of assignments, as it has been up there since October, in the event of random snow or cold days.  Please do no use that link to complete the current week's assignments.
Thank you!

Google Classroom

I have set up Google Classroom to begin using next week.  I have sent email invitations to all students to accept, in order to join.  If this could be done by Friday, so that we are all set to go on Monday, I would really appreciate it.
Room 101 will need to accept for bothe ELA and religion.
Thank you!


I am receiving notifications from the IXL site regarding how many questions my students have answered so far.  I appreciate your enthusiasm, but please don't do anything with this program until I give you a specific assignment to work on.  
Thank you!!  Have a good day! 

Daily Writing Assignment

Please remember to submit the daily writing assignment to my email.  I have listed them by days of the week under the E Learning link, so please send them on a daily basis.  They will be graded and entered into PowerSchool.

IXL Update

I have emailed all IXL usernames and password to each 5th grade student using their email address.  They were all sent before 3:00 yesterday, so please let me know if you did not receive yours.
Assignments using the IXL program will not begin until Monday.  Please do not do anything with these accounts until then.
Thank you!

Book Report Guidelines for AR

Book report guidelines, for those who wish to write book reports for AR points, are now published under the E Learning link.  You may submit book reports to me through email, either as a Word or Google document.

Feed My Starving Children

The trip to Feed My Starving Children this Saturday has been canceled.

Information Regarding Music Class

Mrs. Chovanec asked that I post the follow informtation for Room 101:  Fifth grade students are expected to continue to practice and use their practice log for this week. They should check my blog for additional practice assignments, as well as google classroom for assignments and directions about cleaning their recorder.  I will post information for them on my blog.
     Please address any additional questions directly to Mrs. Chovanec.
Thank you!

AR While School is Closed

Students who wish to write book reports for their AR points may do so during this time that they are not able to take AR tests.  For well written reports, the full number of points the book is worth will be given.
Students are also allowed to wait until we return to school to take the AR test, but I wanted to offer the book report as an option at this time.


I have signed up for the online program IXL. It will help the students work on their grammar.  Each student will have their own log in information, and I will be emailing that to the individual students/families by 3:00 today.  I will then add assignments to work on with IXL for next week in ELA.  They do not need to do anything with it until then.  I just wanted everyone to be aware to look for an email with the log in info.  If you do not receive one by the end of the day today, please let me know.
Thank you!  Stay well!