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Mrs. Fritz's Kindergarten Class ~ Room 3

Welcome to Kindergarten Room 3 with Mrs. Fritz and Mrs. Marino!
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Kindergarten News ~ January, 10, 2020

Happy New Year and Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, a happy new year and a relaxing couple of weeks spent with family and friends! As we kick off the new year, we will be starting our day with a new type of “morning work” ~ yoga for kids! AS the students enter the classroom, they will unpack and join in with yoga for kids that will be projected on the screen. This is a great way to get settled in the classroom and get ready to learn!

Gym Class will be on Wednesday and Friday next week! Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer with roller skating if you can! Thank you to all of the parents who came this week!

Here’s what we worked on this week:

Language Arts; We read the story “See How We Grow” and discussed how children grow and change. We learned about cause and effect and the letters D & K. We reviewed our sight words and learned 2 new ones: see & look. Next week we will begin having the children write their first and last names on some papers! We practiced writing first and last names this week using an upper-case letter for only the first letter!

Math: We have been composing and decomposing numbers to 10. We are still working on forming our numerals correctly!

Religion: We learned that Jesus was a child, just like us and he grew up in a family!

Independent Center: The theme this week was Snowmen! We read “snowmen at Night” and discussed what we think snowmen might do if they actually came to life in the night!

In other news…

  • If your child would still like to bring a helmet for roller skating, they may still do so! Helmets will be kept in the classroom until the end of January when skating is over.
  • Next Friday is school Spirit and Special lunch day! Wear QAS spirit wear and bring a drink for lunch!
  • Don’t forget to do your penguin project! These were sent home in the Red Folder on Wednesday! Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

Room 3 News ~ December 20, 2019

The long awaited time has arrived! We are officially ready to celebrate Christmas in 5 days! We have had a very busy, but fun week in kindergarten! We worked hard to complete all of our projects which were sent home throughout the week. We also enjoyed watching a preview of the school’s Christmas performance on Thursday afternoon.

Thank you to our Room Parents for organizing our Christmas party! We had a great time!

Here’s what we worked on:

Language Arts: This week we continued with “Little Quack” and reviewed the letter Rr. We practiced our sight words and read some Christmas stories! We also worked on sequencing and retelling/recalling details from the Polar Express!

Math: We worked on making numbers in different ways. We are now working up to making the number 10 through addition.

Religion: We learned about the birth of Jesus and the Bible story that goes with it. We also discussed what we would give to the baby Jesus on his birthday (Christmas). We talked about lighting the last purple candle on our Advent wreath this Sunday followed by the Christmas Celebration on Wednesday.

Independent Center: All of our activities were, of course, Christmas themed! We spent the beginning of the week completing holiday projects and the remainder of the week doing Christmas patterning, graphing and sorting.

Gym Class will be on Tuesday & Thursday the week we return!

There is no homework over break ~ Enjoy the break and spending time with family and friends! See you next year! J

Mrs. Marino and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will see you in 2020!!!

Room 3 News ~ December 13, 2019

Our classroom was like Santa’s workshop this week! The children worked very hard to finish their Christmas gifts for their parents! We kicked the week off by lighting the second purple candle on our Advent Wreath.

Gym will be on Tuesday next week!

Here’s What we worked on this week:

Reading/Language Arts: We read the story “Little Quack” and learned about the letter Rr. We reviewed our new sight words as well – me, with & she. We will be continuing with the letter Rr and these sight words next week.

Math: We are still working on composing and decomposing numbers. We are finding different ways to make numbers (5+5=10, 7+3=10, 6+4=10, etc…).

Religion: This week we learned that God asked Mary to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus, and she said YES! We learned that Mary is a very special person.

Independent Center: This week we continued to work on Christmas activities and projects!

Coming Up!!

  • Monday is Polar Express Day in Kindergarten! Please send your child to school in their Pajamas, but please wear gym shoes. Remember: we may still go out for recess, so keep this in mind when choosing pajamas to wear. (Shhh…we will be serving our class hot chocolate at snack time as a surprise – please message me on Remind if you would prefer your child not to have it.)
  • Thursday is our Christmas Party in Kindergarten! We look forward to celebrating with our classmates!
  • Friday is a half-day with 11:45 dismissal for all students! Students may wear Christmas colors on Friday and be out of uniform!
  • Christmas break kicks off at 11:45 on Friday and goes through Sunday, January 5th! School resumes on January 6th!
  • Skate Time permission forms and information slips are in your child’s folder today. Skating will take place during Gym classes in January. Please watch for messages on Remind for volunteer dates to help out!

Room 3 News ~ December 6, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We kicked off the Advent season on Monday morning by lighting the first candle on the Advent Wreath with the entire school in the Gym. We then spent the rest of the week learning about ways we can prepare for Christmas and get in the Christmas spirit! Our classroom elf – Jingle – arrived and is keeping an eye on Room 3 during the Christmas season.

Gym will be on Monday and Friday next week!

Here’s what we worked on this week:

Reading/Language Arts: We read the story “Little Panda” which was about the birth of a panda at the San Diego Zoo. We learned about how pandas grow and change. We had two letters of the week this week: Bb & Nn. We also learned three new sight words this week: she, with & me. We did some Christmas writing about being one of Santa’s helpers and learned about describing words when making Christmas elves!

Math: We are learning to compose (put together) and decompose (take apart) numbers which is a precursor to addition and subtraction. We are still practicing our counting and writing numerals!

Religion: This week we learned about Advent. We learned that during Advent we are waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus. We made Advent wreaths that we will be “lighting” throughout the weeks of Advent. We also kicked off a school-wide service project for the Well of Mercy. We also attended our first full all-school Mass on Thursday and celebrated St. Nicholas Day!!

Independent Center: We will be working on Christmas themed activities from now until Christmas break. These activities will help us review our colors, counting, sequencing, graphing, classifying and categorizing and will be fun! This week our focus was on the different versions of “The Gingerbread Man” story!

IPads: As most of you have seen, we have been working on SeeSaw a lot! Many of the activities are based on our reading and language arts lessons and I use the SeeSaw app as a tool to assess understanding of word families, sight words and story retelling. It is also a useful math tool to assess counting, patterns and now composing & decomposing. You may notice corrections on your child’s journal from time to time as I go through and assess them.

December is a busy month! Please see the bullet points below!

  • Report cards are in your child’s folder today! Please only sign on the highlighted line on the envelope and return only the envelope to school! The report cards are yours to keep!
  • We are collecting new toys for Lurie’s Children’s Hospital! Please send in your unwrapped toys between now and Friday, December 13th if you wish to donate!
  • We are also having a candy guessing contest during the lunch periods to benefit the CPD memorial. If your child would like to take a guess, please send them to school with $1 per guess and we will assist them in making their guess!
  • Next Friday, December 13th is an out of uniform day for the entire school as a reward for succeeding in the Box Tops challenge!

Enjoy your weekend during this busy season!

Room 3 ~ Thanksgiving News

We had a very short week but we were very busy! We worked on our final Thanksgiving projects and began to think about getting our classroom ready for Advent. We did testing for Report Cards and went to our first Prayer Service with our Faith Partners.

In Religion, we did some activities discussing what we are most Thankful for to prepare for Thanksgiving!

In Reading we completed a First Thanksgiving book and worked on some other Thanksgiving themed activities!! We also reviewed our Sight Words, Letter Sounds and did some handwriting practice.

In Math we reviewed our teen numbers and practiced counting!

In Independent Center we learned about the First Thanksgiving and compared it to how we celebrate Thanksgiving today.

Please be sure to bundle your children up and send them with boots if it should happen to snow! Even when the weather is colder and we will still go out for recess!

Gym Class will be on Thursday next week!!

Mrs. Marino and I wish you and your families a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Room 3 News ~ November 22, 2019

We are busily preparing for Thanksgiving in Kindergarten! We are learning about the First Thanksgiving and discussing all of the things we are thankful for!

Gym is on Tuesday next week!!

Here’s what we worked on this week:

Language Arts: We read the story “Whose Garden is It?” and discussed how a garden needs many things to grow and be beautiful. We worked on the vowel sound of I again and words that have short I in the middle. We are reviewing our sight words and working on blending short /a/ words and short /i/ words. We have been doing some fun Thanksgiving themed writing as wel!

Math: We have been working on ways to make different numbers, which is a precursor to addition. We have also been practicing writing our numbers and counting to 100.

Religion: We learned that God gives us Five Senses to help us discover His wonderful world. We learned about the Five Senses: to see, to taste, to touch, to smell and to hear. We discussed and shared ways we use our senses each day!

Independent Center: We worked many Thanksgiving themed activities this week! We have some cute projects that will be coming home for Thanksgiving.  The children are so excited to share them with their families!

In other news…

  • Kindergarten usually takes a field trip to the Botanic Gardens in December, however this year we will not be doing so since The Wonderland Express has been discontinued this year due to their new light festival. Stay tuned as to what our replacement field trip will be!
  • We will be attending our first All School Prayer Service on Tuesday. This is a Gym day for Room 3 but we cannot wear gym uniforms on Church days. Students must come to school in their regular school uniforms but may wear gym shoes.
  • November Book It! Pizza Hut forms should be turned in before Thanksgiving break!
  • Reminder: We have school on Monday & Tuesday of next week and are off for Thanksgiving break Wednesday- Friday!

Room 3 News ~ November 15, 2019

This week we did some Veterans Day activities and learned about hibernation and migration!

Gym is on Monday and Friday next week!!

Here’s what we worked on this week:

Language Arts: We read the book “A Bed for the Winter” and learned about the places animals make their homes for the Winter. We continued to discuss hibernation and migration and focused on the letter Ii – short i that occurs at the beginning and middle of a word.

Math: We are working on counting, identifying and writing numbers beyond 10. The children are doing great with the “teen” numbers. Keep practicing identifying the numbers beyond 10 up to 20 at home.

Independent Center: This week we learned about Veterans Day. We learned about the different jobs in the military and all of the freedoms we enjoy in the USA. We and learned some more about hibernation and migration. We watched videos and sorted animals that hibernate and migrate.

Religion: We learned that God is always with us and that He made each of us special.

More information:

  • We will be testing for report cards from now through the Thanksgiving break as the Trimester ends on November 22nd. Report cards will go home on December 6th. This weekend might be a good time to review the sight words (see the list below) and numbers from 0-20.
  • The children do go out for recess even when it is cold outside! Please dress your child warmly so they are not cold at recess. Remember: boots are always needed if there is any snow on the ground!

Sight Words















Letters & Sounds
































Room 3 News ~ November 8, 2019

This week we learned about elections and had a class election! We voted for our favorite snack and our favorite animal. We learned a little bit about the election process and why it is important to vote!

Gym Class will be on Thursday next week!!!

Here’s a look at what we did this week:

Language Arts: We read the story “Bear Snores On” by Karma Wilson (one of my favorites!!) and discussed the concept of real & make believe. We focused on the consonant sound Cc and practiced writing lower and upper case Cc. Please keep practicing the sight words with your child at home! We are building up our sight words each week and it is important that the students know the sight words to read!

Math: We are working our way through Chapter 3 which covers numbers beyond 10. We are practicing the teen numbers up to 20! It helps to practice identifying and writing these numbers out of order.

Independent Center: This week we did some election/voting activities, learned about living and non-living things and did some fall themed activities.

Religion: This week we learned that God made all of the people in the world and that He loves Everyone! We also learned that God wants us to share His love with others.

In other news:

  • Next Friday is school spirit and special lunch day! Please wear QAS spirit wear and bring a drink for lunch! Don’t forget – we still have snack on special lunch days!
  • All students MUST have a school sweater (or vest) in school EVERYDAY. This is part of our uniform policy after October 15th.
  • Finally, do not forget to dress for the weather each day! We have been going outside for recess and some of the children have said they are cold when they come in! Boots are needed when there is snow on the ground and hats and gloves/mittens are a great idea!

Room 3 News ~ November 1, 2019

It is hard to believe that October is over and we have started the month of November! We had such a great time celebrating Halloween this week! Thank you to all of the parents who helped plan and carry out our party! :)

Gym Class will be on Wednesday & Friday next week!!!

Here’s what we worked on this week:

Reading/Language Arts

We read the informational text “Animal Babies in Grasslands” this week and learned about the animals’ babies’ names that live in the grassland areas of the world. We focused on the letter Pp and the sound it makes at the beginning of a word and at the end of a word. We did some Halloween writing this week and discussed whether or not a spider would make a good pet!


We are working on the “teen” numbers from 11- 20. These can be especially tricky in identifying, writing and counting! We are remembering to point and count carefully each time.

Independent Center

This week we reviewed color words with our book “Halloween Colors.” We also reviewed counting and writing numbers. We completed other Halloween themed activities and projects as well!


We learned that the Church celebrates Ordinary Time where we are not observing a special holiday in the Church. We learned that the Saints are Holy People who did God’s work on Earth and now live with Him in Heaven. We observed All Saints Day as well.

In other news…

  • Please note that even when the temperatures are cold, the children do go outside for recess! Even if you think your child will just be going from the car to school, please keep this in mind!
  • Also, when there is snow on the ground, please have your child wear boots to school and bring school shoes (or gym shoes if it is a gym day) to change into! This will help keep our carpet dry and their feet warm for recess!!
  • Please be sure to label your child’s outerwear and school sweaters/gym sweatshirts!! We do our best to keep track of everything in the classroom but we’d hate for you to lose something!
  • PLEASE PRACTICE HAVING YOUR CHILD PUT ON THEIR COATS, ZIP THEM UP AND TAKE THEM OFF! Many students are having a difficult time getting themselves ready to go outside for recess and at the end of the day. As we add more layers and warmer coats, it is important that the children can do as much as they can independently!


Room 3 News ~ October 25, 2019

October is really flying by! It’s hard to believe Halloween is next thursday!

Gym Will be on Tuesday & Thursday next week!

Here’s a look at what we did this week:

Language Arts: We read the story “Armadillo’s orange” and discussed what setting means (where the story takes place). We learned the letter S – the sound it makes and identifying items that begin and end with S. We reviewed our sight words and did some labeling practice.

Math: We have been practicing writing our “numerals” correctly and counting up to ten. We worked on ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc…). We are also beginning to work on numbers beyond 10!

Independent Center: This week we learned about pumpkins! We learned about the parts of a pumpkin,  how a pumpkin grows and discussed things we can make out of pumpkins!

Religion: This week we learned about the Church year and that the church has a special calendar to let us know when celebrations are in the church.

Other news and reminders:

  • a note about Halloween was in the Red folder on Wednesday – please refer to that for specifics regarding Halloween in Kindergarten!
  • Halloween is a Gym day for room 3. students will still go to gym class on Halloween in their costumes. Ms. Hermez will do activities that can be done in their costumes – we will not be changing into gym clothes!
  • This week a yellow folder was sent home in the event of a school closing due to weather. Please keep this folder in a safe place! The activities included in the folder are to be done in the event school is closed so that it counts as a school day and does not need to be made up at the end of the year!
  • With the ever-changing Chicago weather, please double check that your child has the proper outerwear each day. Even though they may go straight from the car to the school building in the morning, most days we do go outside for recess even if it is chilly! Also, please have your child practice putting their own coat on and taking it off as well as doing the zipper! We will help them but they should be learning how to do this independently!

Room 3 News ~ October 18, 2019

We had a fun week learning about fire safety and celebrating our writing – check out your child’s Seesaw to see them read their story to the class! We ended the week with a delicious Special Lunch and School Spirit Day!

We have been working hard in our Seesaw Journals! Check out your child’s work and leave them a message! They love checking their journals for “likes” and messages from parents! You will notice that I may correct certain assignments on Seesaw as well. It has been a great tool to use for reinforcing both reading and math skills!

Here’s what we worked on this week:

Reading/Language Arts: We read the story “Life in an Ocean” which was an informational text about the ocean and the things that live in it. We learned our first vowel this week – Aa. We discovered words that begin with Aa and have the middle sound /a/. We also learned two new sight words: have & is. We labeled the parts of a pumpkin and did some Fall writing as well.

Math: We are working on pointing at and counting items, then writing the numeral. We have also been working on patterns and sequencing.

Independent Center: This week we learned about Fire Safety!  We had a Fire Drill on Tuesday and learned what we should do in case of a fire, as well as how to keep our homes safe!

Religion: We learned that God made all of the animals. We learned that God wants us to care for all of His animals. We also learned about St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

Coming Up…

  • Gym will be on Monday and Wednesday next week! Gym shorts should no longer be worn as it is after October 15th – please wear sweatpants.
  • Please dress your child for the weather! We do go out for recess even when it is cold and sometimes a school sweater or sweatshirt just isn’t enough!
  • School Uniform Sweaters or Vests MUST be worn to school everyday now that we are past October 15th! Also, school uniform shorts can no longer be worn.

Room 3 News ~ October 11, 2019

This week we were learning about being explorers in honor of Columbus Day! We learned some basic map skills and discussed where we would go if we could explore anywhere!

Gym class will be on Tuesday next week!

Here’s what we worked on:

Reading/Language Arts: This week we finished up our first reading unit with the story Dig, Dig, Digging in which we explored describing words and how machines help people do work. We learned the letter Tt this week! We are reviewing all of our Unit 1 sight words: I, am, the, little, a & to. We also did some writing about Columbus and being an explorer!

Math: We are continuing to work with numbers from 0-10. We are counting objects, coloring in Ten Frames, writing numerals and identifying groups of objects.

Independent Center: We learned about Christopher Columbus and map skills this week! We talked about where we live in the world and what maps help us to do now.

Religion: This week we finished the chapter about God creating the Land and began the chapter about God creating the animals! We shared our favorite animals and discussed how we can take care of God’s creatures.

Other info….

  • Thank you to everyone who signed up for and came for a Parent/Teacher conference! :)
  • No School on Monday due to the Columbus Day holiday!
  • Friday is School Spirit and Special Lunch Day! Please wear QAS Spirit Wear or gym clothes and bring a drink for lunch!


Room 3 News ~ October 4, 2019

This Week in Kindergarten

  • Language Arts: We focused on the letter M ~ writing Mm, identifying words that begin with M and the ending sound M. We learned two new sight words: to & a. Both were very easy! We have been practicing writing our first names properly. Our story of the week was “Julius” which was about a pet pig!
  • Math: We are continuing to count, identify and write numbers to 10! We are learning how to use a Ten Frame to count and how to add one more or take away one less.
  • Religion: We learned that God give us the land. We learned about the different types of land that can be found on the earth.
  • Independent Center: This week we learned some more about the season of fall and we completed our leaf study!

*Special News Corner*

  • Thank you to everyone who came along on our Field Trip to the Pumpkin Farm! We had a great time despite the heat, bees, mosquitoes and mud!
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are next Friday! Conference times are in your oldest child’s folder today!
  • Reminder: homework is sent home on Fridays or the last day of the school week and can be returned to school by the following Friday if you wish. Students should follow the directions, write with a pencil and color with crayons as needed.

Gym Class is on Thursday next week!!

Looking Ahead

  • 11:45 dismissal on Friday, October 11th due to Parent/Teacher conferences!
  • No School on Monday, October 14th!

Room 3 News ~ September 27, 2019

We have completed 23 days of Kindergarten! It is so great to see how much we have learned already! All of the children have been working very hard and are really coming along nicely.

Gym Class is on Wednesday & Friday next week!

Here’s what we worked on this week:

Language Arts: We read the story “Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten” and talked about workers in our Community. This was also great timing as we prepare for our first field trip on Monday! We have finished reviewing and identifying all of the uppercase and lowercase letters and will begin working on specific letter sounds and writing our letters properly. We are working on the Four Sight Words they should know by now (I, am, the, little). Keep reading with your child at home for practice!

Math: We reviewed less than and greater than, practiced adding “one more” and reviewed one-to-one correspondence. We are also reviewing writing our numbers correctly and identifying the numbers 0-20.

Independent Center: This week we worked on many apple related activities! We learned about Johnny Appleseed, explored how an apple tree grows, what an apple looks like and discussed our favorite types of apples to eat.   We watched the Disney film about Johnny Appleseed from 1948 ~ one of my favorites!                                                                                                

Religion: This week we learned that God gives us water. We discussed the different types of water that God gives us and what water does to help things live and grow!

Coming Up Next Week …

  • Our first Field Trip is on Monday!! Please refer back to the Field Trip note/permission slip for specifics! Children need a lunch that is completely disposable – no reusable containers! Also, please dress for the weather as we will be outside the entire time. We will be leaving school promptly at 8:30am!
  • Kindergarten School Pictures are on Wednesday, October 2nd! Children may come to school out of uniform for the pictures. Order forms for school photos were sent home last week in the Red Folder. Please be sure all order forms are in on or before October 2nd!
  • Fall Club sign-ups are in the online Red Folder. If you are interested, please take a look and send in your form and payment soon as clubs tend to fill up fast!


Looking ahead…

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Friday, October 11th from 1pm-8pm and are 10 minutes apiece and back to back. Sign ups for conferences are in the Red Folder this week. If you are unable to schedule a conference during that time frame, please let me know and we will work together to accommodate your request!
  • All students will be dismissed at 11:45 on Friday, October 11th. There is NO AFTER-CARE on Friday!!! Students will only need a snack & drink on Friday, October 11th as we will not be in school for lunch.
  • There is no school on Monday, October 14th.


Room 3 News ~ September 20, 2019

This week prepared to welcome the season of Fall! We learned about Fall changes in the weather, changes in nature and changes in what we wear.

Gym Class will be on Tuesday & Thursday next week!!!

Here’s a look at what we worked on this week:

Language Arts: We reviewed our four sight words this week (I, am, the, little). Please be sure to practice reading the little readers we send home each week and have your child spell the sight words for you either out loud or by writing them down. We read the story “Plaidypus Lost” this week and learned about putting a story in sequence (beginning, middle, end). We are almost done reviewing our alphabet letters!

Math: We have been practicing counting quantities, one-to-one correspondence and writing our numbers from 0-5. We will be working on more than, less than and equal to next week.

Religion: We learned that God gives us Light. We discussed the different gifts of light God created (sun, moon and stars) and how we enjoy them everyday.

Independent Center: This week we learned about the season of Fall. We discussed and explored the changes that occur in the Fall and created about book about Fall.

*Thank you to everyone who volunteered to chaperone our Field Trip! There is a note in your child’s folder today if you were chosen!  

*After-School Clubs for the Fall were posted in the Red Folder online this week! If you are interested in enrolling your child in a club, please do so ASAP as these clubs tend to fill up quickly!

*Don’t forget to either let me or your child know if they will be going to After-Care each day!