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Mrs. Fritz's Kindergarten Class ~ Room 3

Welcome to Kindergarten Room 3 with Mrs. Fritz and Mrs. Marino!
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Kindergarten News ~ April 30, 2020

We have just completed week 6 of remote learning (not including the week we were off for Spring Break)! I cannot believe it has been that long already!
Since returning from Spring Break, I have been doing Video Lessons/Morning Meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with live Zoom Meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Next week you will see multiple videos on Monday: a Morning Meeting, a Language Arts Lesson and a Math Lesson. This breaks up the day and your child can watch the videos separately before beginning their Seesaw activities for the day as well.These videos will be available Monday morning!
Thank you to everyone who is working hard and completing the activities each day. I know every home has different circumstances and time availability to help your child and I appreciate your efforts! Please try to have your child complete at least the Math activity for the day and the sight word activity for the day, along with the read aloud. These are the core concepts we want the students to have mastered before beginning to test for report cards. I have added voice directions to most of the activities for next week as well to allow your child to have a little more independence on Seesaw.
New next week is the Hail Mary portion on Seesaw. I will lead the children in the Hail Mary during my Morning Meeting video and your child should try to practice the Hail Mary each day. If they think they have mastered it, they should upload or take a video of themselves saying the Hail Mary in their Seesaw Journal so I can see it. As I will mention, this activity will be available everyday in Seesaw, but the children do not need to add a video everyday!
A BIG THANK YOU to the students and families who started us off with Virtual Star Student and Virtual Brynn Bear!! You both did a fantastic job and I can't wait to see our new Star Student and Brynn Bear shares next week!
Reminder: tomorrow, Friday, May 1, 2020, is a non-attendance day for teacher professional development! You will not have new Seesaw activities or specials activities to do tomorrow!
Finally, please continue to send me photos of our child doing their remote learning at home! I will be using these for our Yearbook! And don't forget to send me your child's Favorite Thing About Kindergarten Video!!
Thank you and I hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful weather that is forecast for this weekend!! :)

Kindergarten News ~ April 24, 2020

Happy Friday Room 3!
As we returned from Spring break this week, we settled into our new weekly routine that will carry us through the rest of the school year. I received a lot of positive feedback regarding my recorded Morning Meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, combined with our live Zoom Meetings on Tuesday and Thursday, so we will continue with this format as the school year goes on!
Here's what we worked on this week:
Reading/Language Arts: Our story of the week was "Messenger, Messenger" about a bicycle messenger in New York City. We discussed if that might be a job we would like to do or not. We learned three new sight words this week that we will continue to work with next week: what, said & was. Our letter of the week was the letter /Uu/ and we focused on the short vowel sound /u/ makes. We worked on writing sentences with our sight words.
Math: Chapter 9 in Math is all about sorting, classifying and categorizing items by shape, size and number. This chapter is an easy one for the students as it covers simple topics: like & different, big & small. We will wrap up Chapter 9 next week.
Independent/Theme of the Week: In honor of Earth Day this week, we learned about reducing our use of items, reusing items and recycling items. Our stories each day focused on ways we can help the Earth. I loved seeing all of your pictures, videos and photos of ways you are working to help the Earth at home!
Religion: Our chapter this week taught us that We Celebrate Jesus' Gift of Himself. We learned that Jesus had a Last Supper with his Disciples before he died. We also learned that when we celebrate the Mass, we celebrate Jesus' Gift of Himself in the bread and wine. 
On Friday, we had Specials Day. I loved seeing some of the Art, STEM, Gym and Music activities that you did! Please don't forget that those activities should be sent to the teacher for that class so that they can see that you have completed them! 
Finally, keep sending me photos of your child learning at home! I will use these photos to finish off our Kindergarten Yearbook AND I love seeing the kids working at home! 
We look forward to sharing our first Virtual Star Student of the Week next week along with our first Virtual Brynn Bear Share!
Thank you AGAIN for all of your hard work and dedication to making sure your child is participating with our class activities! I know it is difficult, but I love that we can still have some sort of connection despite everything going on.
Have a great weekend! :)

Welcome Back! April 20, 2020

Welcome Back!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! 
We now begin the unthinkable as we continue the remainder of the school year virtually. I had such high hopes that we would be able to come back together in person this year. It breaks my heart that we will not get to experience all of the fun end of the year activities that we do in Kindergarten. 
I will do my best to keep the class engaged and connected between now and the end of the school year. 
For those of you who did not get the chance to be Star Student yet, please watch your emails for information regarding this as I have a modified plan in the works. As for the students who did not get to bring Brynn Bear home yet, I am working on an idea - it won't be the same, but seeing as we are given no choice in this area I will try to make it just as special!! 
Please have your child watch the Morning Meeting video posted here on my Blog on Monday morning before beginning their Seesaw lessons for the day. I will be doing 3 recorded lessons per week now (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays). This is in addition to the daily Seesaw lessons and Tuesday/Thursday Zoom meetings. 
As always, please allow your child to reach out to me whenever they wish with videos, messages, pictures - anything they want to share with me! You can do this via Seesaw, text/Facetime at, or email at
Finally, Parents, thank you for your invested interest in assisting your child through the rest of the school year. This is not what you signed up for!! I COMPLETELY understand how difficult it is to manage working from home and helping your child complete their lessons! Please know that you do what you can, when you can and that is perfectly fine! This is a less than ideal situation for working parents and those with multiple children at home! If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, need clarification or just want to vent, please reach out!!!
Thank you for all of your support and understanding!
We will make it through this together!
Most Sincerely,
Mrs. Amy Fritz

Kindergarten News ~ April 8, 2020

This was a short week for Room 3! It was great seeing everyone's responses to the Easter-themed Seesaw activities this week! Thank you to everyone who joined our Zoom meeting and shared their Easter decorations with the class. I love seeing everyone at our meetings each week!
Here's what we worked on this week:
Language Arts:
We heard some Easter themed stories this week and completed an interactive reader of "The Ugly Duckling." We practiced our word families, color words, wrote sentences and completed an Easter word search!
We completed some Easter themed addition, pattern practice, graphing and reviewed our 2D and 3D shapes! We counted how many Easter Eggs we found like a virtual Easter Egg Hunt!
You should have completed your Stations of the Cross booklet this week. You can also take a look at the Chapter Activities from our Religion Book on Seesaw about Holy Week (The Three Days) and Easter. 
Looking ahead:
> There will be no lessons posted from Thursday, April 9, 2020, through Sunday, April 19, 2020. Lessons will start up again on Monday, April 20, 2020. 
> Last call for Hello videos and Birthday Book pages!! Please have those to me by Thursday, April 9, 2020, at 3:00pm! 
> Finally, enjoy the Easter holiday with your families. I know this Easter will be unlike the ones you are used to, but I hope you can find a way to make this day special with your family!
> I wish you all a relaxing Spring Break with your families! Get outside and do something fun! Plan themed days throughout the break to make it exciting! Go on "Virtual Trips" each day to visit new places! The ideas are endless - make the best of the time you have and the experiences you make with one another!
Mrs. Marino and I wish you and your families a Blessed Easter and a wonderful Spring Break! We miss you and hope we can see you all soon! :)

Kindergarten News ~ April 3, 2020

We have just completed our third week of distance learning! Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your continued support, kind words and efforts in assisting your child with their school work. While it is definitely not the same, I love seeing everyone's creativity each and everyday!
Here's what we worked on this week:
Language Arts
Our story of the week was "May Day! May Day! A Coastguard Rescue" and we learned about asking/writing questions and what question words are. I loved the questions everyone asked and I did my best to answer them! Our most common question was "When do we get to come back to school?" 
Our letter of the week was /x/ and it was awesome to see where everyone found the letter /x/ in their homes! 
The story theme for the week was Cause & Effect, so all of our Read Alouds had that theme. 
This week we learned about 2-dimensional shapes and 3-dimensional shapes. We learned their names, how many sides they have and we sorted them. We found items around our homes that were the shapes and some of us even created our own shapes!
As we draw nearer to Easter, we continue to complete our Stations of the Cross booklet, work on our 90 for 90 activities and participate in This Sunday, we celebrate Palm Sunday. While we cannot attend Mass to receive our palms, check out this link ( You can also watch this short video about Palm Sunday ( 
Looking Ahead:
Next week we will not begin a new unit in Reading or Math. We will work on some Easter Themed activities that reinforce skills we have already learned and we will learn about Holy Week as we prepare for Easter Sunday.
Don't forget:
>Please send me your video "hello"
>Make a Birthday Book page for Maggie and send it to me
>Seesaw lessons will be posted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  next week. Spring Break begins on Thursday with a day of reflection and preparation for Easter. There will be no lessons posted from April 9th through April 17th. Lessons will begin again on Monday, April 20th.
Have a wonderful weekend!! :)