Kindergarten News ~ May 8, 2020

We have completed the first week of May! I am so impressed with everyone's work, participation and creativity! 
If you have not already done so, please be sure to email or text me your child's video! Remember: the students should be in uniform, say their name and tell what their favorite thing about Kindergarten was. 
Thank you for sending your e-learning photos! They are fantastic!
Here's what we worked on this week:
Language Arts: We heard the story "On the Move" this week and learned our final two sight words: come & where. We learned two more letters - Vv & Zz. Everyone did a wonderful job with the concept of Main Idea - I loved seeing your illustrations and hearing your voices explaining the main idea!
Math: We are working on Chapter 10 which teaches us about position and positional words. This is a short chapter that we will finish up next week!
Independent Center/Work: This week we learned about butterflies! We learned about their life cycle: how they grow and change. We also learned about different types of butterflies and how their colors and patterns on their wings are symmetrical (a big new word)!
Religion: This week we focused on the Blessed Mother, Mary, in honor of May being the month of Mary. We practiced the Hail Mary and did a couple of activity sheets to remind us that we can always pray to Mary for help and guidance and that she is Our Mother, too.
It was wonderful to see so many completed tulip drawings after our directed drawing session on Zoom yesterday! You all did a wonderful job!
Thank you to Emelia and Christian who shared their Star Student and Brynn Bear activities this week! I wonder who we will hear from next week??
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!!